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    Default Re: How Many of us do it?

    I'm very sorry to hear that Larry. Advice given after the fact is seldom needed and may not be appropriate but...………. I've often seen photos of reel / gear bags with a dozen reels nestled in those padded compartments and always thought it was risky at best. Not that things left at home are forever immune from loss but I seldom carry more than 3 reels because I fear having more than that that at risk.

    This time of year here I can forget about fishing gear in the truck, now you worry about your 2 Skidoo snowmachines. They are a prime target here and even with advanced electronics people figure out how to hot wire them. In the more brazen cases they pull into your driveway and throw them into the bed of a pickup and split worrying about how to bypass the security ignitions later.

    I keep mine inside a 30 X 40 shop / storage building that has no windows and a very good set of doors. It's a shame really because in my case these things are not recreational vehicles, they are a necessity for winter tree cutting and travel to our property in the Bush country. I never just go riding because I can't afford the wear and tear unless it is accumulated during utility use. But then when I leave home to go to the cabin the house can sit empty for days so there goes the keeping the rods and reels safe...…………………… It's a game of chance having things I guess, all you can do is try to keep things safe. I try to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

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    Default Re: How Many of us do it?

    Around my home, there’s a couple of launches that are on private property. They have access to the public water, but the parking lot and ramp is fenced and private. A couple charge $5 to launch or one can buy bait or something in lieu of the launch fee. Sometimes, it worth the fee to know the truck won’t be tampered with.

    I hate to pay to fish, but I also hate the idea of a broken truck window. That costs way more than the $5 fee.
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