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  1. Default It Is Not Political Which Is to Say It Is

    HWB was a serious fisherman, truly. If he wasn't I would have never received a telephonic response to my humorous letter to him. It was not directly from him but according to the USCG Commander who called me, the letter came from him, directly, down chain of command to him and he was instructed to solve the problem. I thought he was joking when he started to ask if I recalled any of the markings and colors...I said wait you are serious...he said yes sir I am to solve the problem. I said I'm not going to get the pilot sanctioned for tying to interdict let us solve the problem by saying it was a mistake because he saw me on the bow of a skiff in an orange jump suit waving my arms thinking I was in distress... are you sure about that solution...yes I am Commander...President Letr.jpgPresident Respon.jpg

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    Default Re: It Is Not Political Which Is to Say It Is

    If a President can't get people solving a problem for citizens, who can?

    Great letter & responses!
    Remember, no one likes to be behind the big truck, but that's better than being under it!

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    Default Re: It Is Not Political Which Is to Say It Is

    That's pretty amazing, the whole thing! A good friend of mine who served in the Navy in the SEAL teams was placed in Maine for a while as part of the security detail for the President. I hadn't considered it but when a President goes out in a boat fishing there are SEAL's there. While the news channels were running old footage of the President running his boat along the Maine coast I had to pause - rewind and watch several times but, yep there was Dan. Dan passed away going on 3 years ago now and is missed. If anyone reading this ever read any books (fiction) by Richard Marcinko then you may have read his stories about Nasty Nick Grundle, that character was modeled on Dan. I miss him and the other guys left behind when I moved away.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: It Is Not Political Which Is to Say It Is

    I wish I could dig up one of the photos.
    Years back my uncle had the pleasure guiding Bush on a fishing trip in Boca Grande. I can't remember if it was during his presidency or after.
    This is a memory I had forgotten until I read this thread.
    Thank you for that Bonefish!

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    Nostalgia...rooting in the back of the closet I found the rod. It was the early example of Orvis and graphite unsanded. It was labeled Boron graphite and two piece 8 wt...though it was of moderate full flex as I recall...when it warms I'm going to cast it haven't for over 25 years. The graphite ferrule was cut and attached rather than our present affectations. I wrapped it to match the Bahamian flag colors. I put the traditional hook keeper on the blank before I was "told" not. My two piece salt rods became closet fixtures because I carry my salt rods on the plane. Maybe a spring steelhead rod..OrvisBoron.jpg

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