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Thread: 2wt rod

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    I bought a 4wt, which I've used on sunnies and trout, but I'd love to hook up some sunnies on a 2wt. That, and it'll help me fish some of the smaller streams in my area.

    I was at Bass Pro Shop the other day and looked at the limited stock of 2wt's. The one I like was the TFO Finesse. Just don't know if I could stomach the cost. The feel was nicer than the Series 1. The Bass Pro White River was just a bit shorter and had almost the same feel. The price was not much cheaper.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    I bought that 2wt. TFO series from Bass Pro earlier this year. I love that rod! Very nice and strong rod as well. I caught a 2lb bass on it and I thought I was going to break it and it held up! That was fun. Catching the panfish and trout are a blast as well!! It was a little expensive for me but I am glad I went for it. I want to buy another one soon. If the bass pro rod was not much cheaper I personally would go with the better quality and get the TFO. The White River line that Bass Pro has is not a bad line of fly fishing gear. Good luck!

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    TFO rods were initially released to answer the high prices of a traditional fly rods. they, as well as echo and others, have broken the exclusitivity of fly fishing for many many people who couldn't see paying $300, $300, $500 even $600 for a rod (i'm included). it's reached a point that big name companies have also released their own "value priced" series. $100-$200 rods are a good deal. you can find cheaper (walmart?) but with less options like including 2wts. i'd say get used to it. the finesse is a good price for what you get.

    my opinion of course.

    now if that is still too much for you to stomach, consider wrapping your own rods. it sounds like the feel is more the draw for you than being a 2wt. i'd suggest learning how to wrap your own then building a rod based on a lamiglas "honey colored" fiberglass blank. they can be had for about $60. about $100 would get you all of the components and the finished rod. possibly $80-90 if you go standard with components.

    good luck

    fresno, ca.

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    A friend just bought a 1 wt Finesse. I looked it over and felt it looked very nice for the money. He hasn't gotten to use it yet but, it felt well balanced with the Orvis BBS 1 reel on it. Just putting the tip on the floor to flex, it seemed like a well designed rod. By that I mean where and how much the rod flexed as pressure was applied appeared to indicate a nice rod with a fish on. we'll see. I'm considering a 2 wt Finesse as I type. The warranty is also very good. Break it, they fix or replace it.

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