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    Default Picture Posting Help

    New member here, bear with me. I found the sticky for posting pics, but once I click on "Gallery" I get this message:

    "Page Not Found
    The requested URL was not found on this server.
    If you believe this page should be here, please notify administrator."

    Is it just me or something else?

    Thanks for your time,
    Tim Boothe

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    Default Re: Picture Posting Help

    You can manually enter the needed code to display a picture. Usually it is faster than clicking the links.

    all you have to do is place the this tag: [IMG] in front of the link to where ever your picture is hosted and then follow the link with [/IMG]

    That will display what ever picture you wish to post. Perhaps it is a problem with where your pictures are hosted for online linking? I have been using Photobucket for years to host pictures i link to in forums.

    If you are attempting to use the Gallery link at the top of the main page, it must be disabled. I too get that error. However, i dont think you could use a gallery like that to host a pic you want to display in a forum post. I dont think the coding allows for it. Perhaps i am wrong. Photobucket is so easy to use and there is room for tons of pics.

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    Default Re: Picture Posting Help

    Hi Everyone,

    The menu links at the top of the page are being reorganized. I suspect that is the problem. I will notify Paul.

    If your pictures are located someplace on the Internet you can copy the IMG address and paste it into a post. You must use the Image tool at the top of the editor page to paste your photo address. It looks like this:

    Once the Gallery link is fixed I will let you know.


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    Default Re: Picture Posting Help

    Thanks a million.


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