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    Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    + 3 for the LL Bean's for $99. In the process of ordering a pair of the waist high model. They have a 20% off on purchases till Friday with free shipping. Promo code is "november20"
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    Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    Another good source of quality stuff on the cheap is Sierra Trading Post. They have a web site and I have had some amazing deals from them.

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    As far as waders, I am going to offer to look up RIVENDELL waders....e-bay.
    I bought some 2 years ago and still no leaks! I love them. Light weight and the neoprene in the foot is thinner so I can wear heavier socks and not be cramped in my boots.
    I got mine for $50.

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    Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    I'm gonna go ahead and second what racine had said. Granted my new Dan Bailey's came yestarday and I haven't had the chance to give them a proper baptisim, I can tell just by the way they feel and where the seams are these will put in work! With the addition of a chest pocket, large enough for a good sized fly box, and hand warmer pocket, I feel they are well worth the 200 bucks. I used Chotta boots and got them dirt cheap at an end of the season sale and they have been good to me for two seasons. The stiching blew out on some of the panels due to fishing a sandy section of river but other than that there are solid. You gotta ask yourself would you rather shell out the money and get a solid pair or do you want to miss out on fishing time cause you're waiting for one of the other companies to send you a new pair of the same waders that sprung turned out to be leaky. Nothing would chap my hide more than seeing excellent flows and conditions and have no waders cause they were off to be repaired!
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    Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    That's why I keep hanging on to my 15 year olg Cabelas Neo's that I bought in Korea when station there. They are hot and uncomfortable but have never leaked for me. I think I paid $13 for them off the street.

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    Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    Dude you need to get into the 21st century. I haven't felt hot and clammy since the days of neoprene or Red Balls! Breathables are sold everywhere now. I bought a cheap pair from BPS to use wading in Oyster ladden waters for Redfish. They were $80 and breathable! Now they're my backup for my Dan Baileys.

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    Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

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    Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    Totally understand what your saying. I did a lot of research, and after finding LL Bean on about five Top Ten gear lists in '09, I got LL Bean's Flyweight breathable waders for $59 and their Emerger II wading boots for the same a little over a year ago. No leaks in the waders and I stomp around, in, and through the brush. Heck, sometimes I crawl to get to the fish without spooking 'em. The Flyweights are good, dependable no-frills waders. Looking back, I think I might have sprung for the Emerger II waders, just for the extra pockets, and reinforced knees, but the Flys are pretty tough on their own.

    The only issue I've had with the boots is one of the laces blew up on my last trip. Otherwise, they have better ankle support than my old felt-soled redhead boots and far better traction.

    I will say (probably others have already said it) that if possible try on many pairs of waders and boots before buying. When I got my Beans, I told myself they wouldn't fit right and I'd have to send them back, but I lucked out and I didn't have to do that.

    Anyway, good luck in your search.


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    Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    I have those Cabela's but in the 3mm. I've had them for almost 2 years and no leaks. I like them a lot, but when it's even moderately warm out your gonna sweat!

    I would suggest getting some breathables for now. That way if you want to fish in the winter you can layer up underneath and in the summer your not going to die.
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    Speaking of might want to look for some "without" the felt sole. More and more places are banning them.

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