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Thread: The River Why

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    I am new to fly fishing and in being so kind of new to the culture as well. I am just finishing reading the Novel The River Why by David James Duncan and was wondering other then A River Runs Through It what classic literature of this caliber is out there that I should know about.

    On a side note I unfortunately missed the Savannah Film Festival this past Friday where they screened the new River Why film that has yet to pick up a studio to distribute it. Has anyone seen it? What did ya think? I am dieing to see this thing on a big screen just wish it would show some place closer then a 6 hour ride.
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    Are you from Savannah?

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    Greenville, SC or Columbia SC depending on the day of the week.

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    Ah I miss Savannah, I went to school there.

    Check out John Geirarch (spelling?) he has some very entertaining books. Im hoping to run into him one day as I live in his area now.

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    This is Variety's review ( Industry Trade) of the movie, "The River Why" may be quite a while before it gets a distribution deal or it could go direct to DVD...

    The River Why Review - Read Variety's Analysis Of The Movie The River Why

    "A River Runs Through It", it is not...the author of the book distanced himself from the film....

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    I love that writer! And yes you spelled his name right! Although he has written manual type books ("Fly Fishing Small Streams," "Fly Fishing the High Country," "Fishing Bamboo"), The fishing author Gierach has made his name and his career with the folksy, me-and-Joe stories collected in his many other books, including "Sex, Death, and Flyfishing"—His best is a cult classic, "Trout Bum," which he wrote in 1985. He shows his true colors as a down-to-earth guy, preferring the company of a couple good friends to the posturing of a large industry gathering. Kinda like me!

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