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  1. Default Wetsuit pants under waders?

    Have any of you used wetsuit pants under your waders? Ive been wearing a heavy base layer bottom and ski pants under my waders and would like to cut down on the bulk. I reckon 3mm pants would do the job but Im always in my float tube and not sure how uncomfortable they would be.

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    Default Re: Wetsuit pants under waders?

    Expedition weight poly long underwear if it is cold. Light weight if it is just a little bit cold. Shorts if it isn't.
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    Default Re: Wetsuit pants under waders?

    The wet suit pants are "sweaty".

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    Default Re: Wetsuit pants under waders?

    The 3mm neoprene sound like something that will make you moist and tender but maybe not warmer. I live in and fish in Alaska, granted that once we have too much ice formed I have to stop but I do fish in some pretty uncomfortable conditions. My bottom end gear consists of a pair of Mid Weight Simms Guide socks that come all the way to the knees. Over them a pair of Carrhart Base Force Extreme thermal bottoms. Over the Carrharts and socks a pair of Simms G4 stocking foot waders.

    Top end gets a 1/4 zip merino wool light weight long sleeve base layer covered with a Simms Mid Weight layer with zip neck. Over the base layers a Simms Fall Run vest and then the G4 jacket. All of those layers are thin and designed to keep me warm without bulk and they do the job very well right down to zero and under.

    We all have varying thresholds for tolerating extreme weather conditions, the items I use work for me in some very tough weather. If you find that you just can't seem to find gear that will provide a reasonable level of comfort you may have to develop baseline conditions where you just don't try to fish.

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    Default Re: Wetsuit pants under waders?

    I wear a pair of mid wt poly top and bottom and then a pair of fleece wader pants. Warm and no sweat. Wife got me a new pair of fleece wader pants for x-mas. .

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    Default Re: Wetsuit pants under waders?

    I would probably steer clear of wetsuit material. Find something with merino wool for next to skin, and a thin fleece layer for insulation. I’ve always found I stay warmer with stuff that isn’t skin tight. I recently purchased some Smart Wool wader socks and look forward to giving them a run in the cold. My feet get cold fairly easily.

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    Default Re: Wetsuit pants under waders?

    Wet suits keep you warm by trapping a layer of water against your skin, which your body then warms. Without that, they're not much good. Wicking layer, followed by wool or polar fleece is going to be your best bet under breathable waders.

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    Default Re: Wetsuit pants under waders?

    Neoprene, wetsuit material, isn’t comfortable, at least for myself, when worn in any situation outside of full immersion in cool to relatively cold water. It’s sort of a necessary evil to prevent hypothermia immersed in water of a temperature and length of time capable of inducing the condition.

    Neoprene worn when one is not fully immersed tends to be only slightly uncomfortable at best and the level of discomfort rises with the increase in air temperatures, amount of exertion, the tightness of the neoprene, and the amount of coverage over the body.

    I’ve worn full wetsuits designed for scuba diving, surfing, neoprene waders, neoprene shorts, neoprene booties, etc. and none are good for any real length of time outside the water. Even in cold weather, people generate a lot of heat and sweat moving around and all that sweat and some of the heat just gets trapped under the neoprene.
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    Default Re: Wetsuit pants under waders?

    I’m one of the guys on this fourm that fly fishes in January, February, March and in subzero temps and water temps just above freezing.

    My rivers are spring fed and stay open all winter.

    I’ve never needed anything more than two layers consisting of poly long johns and a over pant under my breathable waders.

    I now have Simms fleece for this season, we will see how it goes.

    I use boot foot waders in the winter which seems to make the most difference, it’s my feet and not my legs that gets cold.

    Anything tight fitting is a bad deal below zero.

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    Default Re: Wetsuit pants under waders?

    It's been a while since I wore waders, but Uncle Sam issued us nomex longjohns with a stirrup strap. Those things were great. Warm, never got clammy, didn't ride up the leg. Worked as well under waders as a flight suit. Don't know if the sell them anymore. The shirts had a sort of turtleneck collar, also.

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