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    Default Re: Simms vs Patagonia

    I too have serious multi-source experience with waders. Many have been OK, few very good. Stand outs have been LL Beans US made immersable Gore-Tex ones with a yolk suspender system from the late 90's. I also liked short lived Ghillie Korean-built waders. I've had earlier Simms and Patagonia and Orvis and Sonic-seam Redingtons, you name it.

    Last season my multi patched waders, after tripping into a grass hidden old pile of barbed wire said, new wader time. I took a look at waders at the Edison Show and narrowed my selection to Patagonia and Simms. Both appeared to be well made and offered multiple sizing variations which is important to me. I eliminated the Patagonias for their wool lined neoprene booties and went Simms which still has the nicest "hand" to their Japanese sourced outer layer material since my old Ghillies. Simms suspender system is average at best (but better than the Patagonias) and the belt loop don't seem to match their supplied wide belt (or my waist) but they overall are the best built wader I could find with fine quality neoprene booties and well designed gravel guards.

    I did go with the Patagonia Foot Tractor boots which I strongly preferred over the Simms and other alternatives for their wide last and broad box toe I was skeptical of the cross wise aluminum bars weight but Kelly Gallup told me he had tried them all and these gave the surest grip...relevant if one is foolish enough to wade with a Nikon DSLR around his neck. Easy on and off too and Dillon recommended them too. These are my very first none-felt soled boots. Felt with imbedded carbide studs is still a good option but no one makes them due to the false alarm about Whirling Disease.

    Now, with a full season on them, the Simms wader/Patagonia boot system with Fleece Feet/Capellen/non-cotton, breathable boxers undergarments has proven a reliable and first rate wading set up. Oh, and I've been carful not to sit on Russian Thistle or other piercing surfaces on the river bank but have successfully bushwhacked through willow and alder bottoms.

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    Default Re: Simms vs Patagonia

    Interested and watching the discussion as I'll be shopping for a pair of zipper front waders in the early spring, and unless Orvis releases a pair, my choices seem to come down to the Patagonia and Simms. At this stage I'm leaning toward the Patagonia but things could change-

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    Default Re: Simms vs Patagonia

    Purchase what you like,but you will eventually own simms.

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    Default Re: Simms vs Patagonia

    I purchased the Simms G4 waders. The material is heavy and some will find them too heavy for Summer use. That said, they are bomb proof and keep you dry.

    If/when I need another pair, will be looking at the G4 with a zipper. It does make life simpler when you are over 65.

    Boots, I use the Korkers with the aluminum bar soles. Best for slippery rocks and the BOA system has lasted for going on three years now with out any issues.

    I buy all again.

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    I fish the G4's and the rio gallegos.. both are fantastic... the rios have built in knee pads and the waders slide on the suspenders.. you can keep them low like wading pants.. the rios r a little lighter material... the feet have a wool type backing to the bootie.. all are things I like

    the G4's r heavier material and fit just as well... I did have a problem with my first pair... Simms after several calls they did replace them.

    Because the Simms r heavier I tend to wear them in the winter and the lighter rios with the slide suspender i wear in the summer...

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    Default Re: Simms vs Patagonia

    I don't know why S&S didn't like the wool lined Rio G booties. I find them comfortable but they take a while to dry should they get wet in cool weather without a source to dry them. I've been known to take on water upon occasion, so now I have a back up plan when fishing in cold and or wet weather. It's also harder to find and seal a leak. However, once a bootie springs a leak it's time for replacement in my opinion. I just can't trust a neoprene repair job...

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    Default Re: Simms vs Patagonia

    I too ship some river water now and then and I also wear two pairs of socks. Neoprene botties do not breath and I want to retain as little perspiration or water as possible so I chose to pass on the wool. Also I never wear waders as waist highs so the suspender design is disadvantageous for me. I have no issues with Patagonia's business practices (not that I'm an authority on such matters) and they do back significant environmental debates on the correct side. They tend toward expensive but also toward fine design and quality albite lots of off-shore sourcing. Their under wader garments are among the best and most varied. Except for the upper tier waders, Simms's stuff is imported too.

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    Default Re: Simms vs Patagonia

    They got rid of the wool liners, at least for this past year. I also replace the belt on all my waders with the nice Simms heavy belt.

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    Default Re: Simms vs Patagonia

    I tried on Simms G3 Guides but was frustrated because Simms only offers one men's small. They were so careful to take my measurements - the 3 key measurements widest girth, inseam, and shoe size - and the G3 Guide ML hit 2/3 but I was swimming in the chest. My chest measurement wasn't M but rather S. It was disappointing because Simms said "oh that's great for layering" but really that's BS because they don't make my true size. So the G3 Guides ended up fitting like a Gore-Tex trash bag and I sent them back immediately. I couldn't envision myself fishing in those all day; I couldn't take them off fast enough.

    So I did more research and found Patagonia makes a SM Long which ticks all 3 of my measurements. I first ordered their Rio Azul just to try them on and I didn't want to take them off which was a great sign. Then I tried the Rio Gallegos and was going to go with the middle Skeena River model figuring this is the one they chose for their lone women's waders but now I can't find it in stock. Now I'm trying to decide whether to wait for it in stock in mid-February or pull the trigger on the Rio Gallegos.

    I recommend going with whichever fits you best. Fwiw if all things were equal I would go Simms because I wear their Freestone boots. Like you I like to keep it in the family when possible.

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    Default Re: Simms vs Patagonia

    I had a pair of G3's for years and they were great waders for the most part. I was looking for new waders this year and I considered yet another pair of Simms, but I got a smoking deal on a new pair of Patagonia Rio Gallegos front zips and I couldn't be happier. They are light yet durable (so far), the front zip is a major convenience when taking them off and putting them on and the built-in knee pads are a delight.

    I had my doubts about the purchase at first, but so far I think these waders are better than the G3's in every way.

    Oh and I wear Simms jackets and boots, I don't give two $hits about mixing and matching brands, there are no fashion police on the water and the fish don't give a **** either.

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