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    Default Here is Your Moment of Zen

    An ice fisherman in Russia has an underwater camera (he is looking at the monitor on a tripod on the left) and sees a huge pike approach his bait. Lets see what happens.



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    Default Re: Here is Your Moment of Zen

    I made the same mistake the first time I went ice fishing. I built some gear-some 18" pieces of 1/2" by 3" boards, a shallow spot ground out on top to keep a bobber in place and some nails driven into the wood to hold some 6# test mono. They worked fine and the fish were willing, a lot of stocker rainbows in nice pans sizes and some good sized yellow perch. The fish would hit, the bobber would pull off the board and I'd run over (6 holes each here) and pull them up. 'Til the big one hit. His chin ran into the side of the hole and he broke off. The holes were 8 or nine inches in diameter. He was sideways in the hole and he filled the hole! I got wet up to my elbow trying to grab him. Gone. Next trip the boards were rigged with 12#.

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    Default Re: Here is Your Moment of Zen

    Well, at least he could laugh about it. As a former ice fisherman, I never could understand bringing in a fish, especially a big one by pulling on the line. He had a rod, had being the key word here, and he blew it. Unless you're using tip ups, use the rod to bring the fish in.
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    Default Re: Here is Your Moment of Zen

    Crazy Russians. lol. They film everything, including every type of vehicle wreck imaginable. lol

    Too funny and it could happen to anyone.
    Nice fish! Do you have anymore pictures of it lying in the dirt?
    As publicity increases so does the propensity of tripping over yards of mono attached to a Dipsey sinker.

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    Default Re: Here is Your Moment of Zen

    Haha ouchhhh! Definitely would have used the rod there. Only time I might use my hands when jigging is right at the end.

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    Default Re: Here is Your Moment of Zen

    Thanks Silver! I think the guy was swearing in Russian, better luck next time.


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    Default Re: Here is Your Moment of Zen


    Thanks for sharing, that was too funny!

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    Default Re: Here is Your Moment of Zen

    It doesn't only happen in Russia!

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    The first video was good but the second is hilarious because it all happens in the background - killing myself laughing.
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    Default Re: Here is Your Moment of Zen

    I finally watched this, both of them...…………….

    I was relieved that we weren't going to see a guy lose a finger or 2 due to line cutting them. The second fellow; there doesn't seem to be very thick ice where he is fishing. He is obviously more of a trusting soul type than I am.

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