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    Default Personal watercraft question

    Hello so this winter I am planning on buying either diablo amigo kayak or a scadden Escape Series Zonker Lo Pro X. Just trying to decide which would best fit what I need. I live in the Midwest and will mostly be using it for anything from farm ponds to floating smallish rivers for smallmouth. I normally take 3-4 trips a year going after trout in the driftless area and the ozarks. Just wonder what thoughts some more experienced with these watercraft might have. Thanks for thoughts you might have.

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    I haven't used either of those products, but I've used similar ones. For small ponds and especially small rivers I'd prefer the scadden. You can turn on a dime, you can use fins if you want to troll, you can simply put your feet down to stop and cast on a shallow stream, and you can put your feet down and pick it up to get over small obstacles. Now I don't know how either craft would handle rough water over class I, but for gentle streams and small lakes I'd choose the Scadden.

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    If you go with something like the Scadden, there are a few basic things that I'd point out.
    1- make sure you've got a stripping apron, otherwise the line gets tangled up in your lap and around your legs and whatnot.
    2- If going with the Scadden or similar, I'd go with the one with the smallest/flattest tubes. You'll float just fine in any of these, and the more of the tube that's out of the water, the more you'll get blown around by the wind.
    3- make sure there are enough air chambers to save you if for some reason one goes flat.
    4- if you can transport it without deflating, that makes things all the easier.
    5- some form of anchor mount is a requirement for me personally, as are oars and a foot bar.
    6- some people like having a pontoon/tube/boat/kayak that lets you stand up and fish. I've never felt the need, but ymmv

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    Yeah I am not planning on doing any type of white water. Lol. I donít think being able to stand up is needed. 95% of the time I will be warm water fishing on ponds and small lakes. They are both the same price.

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    Default Re: Personal watercraft question

    I have all three …..LOL

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    Default Re: Personal watercraft question

    I had a fishing kayak for a few years but switched to a pontoon last year and am very happy with the choice. I went with a framed Scadden as I like the additional storage capacity and the stand platform for still water. (I can also fit it in the back of my truck so I donít have to disassemble it between uses).

    I think for the use you describe youíll like the pontoon better.
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    Default Re: Personal watercraft question

    I wouldn't buy another Scadden product with a gun to my head. Go with Outcast or Watermaster instead if you want quality and service.

    Kayaks are great if you need to cover a LOT of flat water- like in the ocean- but not great to fish from. Boats that let you control with fins provide a much better platform for fly fishing.

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