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    What dye to buy for feathers or other natural materials

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    I would contact Dharma Trading. I have purchased dyes from them - not to dye feathers. I found them knowledgeable and helpful.

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    I use acid dyes and Dharma Trading is a good source. They have their own brand and they sell Jacquard which is also a very good brand.

    I've used both depending on the colors I wanted. And, yes Dharma has a lot of good information available for any type of dyeing.

    BTW it is "dyeing" with the "e". Posting a question with the other dying is spooky!
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    I used to dye and mix colors for my own materials and I had Gary Borger as a mentor. 40 years ago, when I started fly fishing and tying, dyeing materials was necessary if I wanted to match the hatch. It is no longer so.

    Modern materials both harvested hair and feathers are much better today. The dry fly synthetic dubbings are as fine or finer than rabbit fur (white rabbit was the fur of choice to dye for dry fly dubbing) and synthetics are consistent batch to batch.

    So I suggest you spend your money and time elsewhere. Plus it is a messy process and best done outside in the summer.


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    I suppose it probably messy but I live on a farm so if you want a different color you have to dye it thanks

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    It can be messy and that's solely up to the person dying materials. I've been doing it since the mid 90's and always stick to small manageable size batches of both materials and dyes. I have some old acid dyes and also use Rit Dye with success. Some say that the Rit Dye will fade and that may be true. I use white vinegar during the last few minutes added to my batch to help set the color fast.

    I have seen a few flies last long enough to fade but honestly by the time that happened I'd gotten fair use from them so...……..

    I mention Rit because it's readily available at your local Joann's Fabric store. I stick to the powdered but have some liquid too. You can find a color mixing chart with blending recipes at the Rit Dye Home website. The website helps when you want a weird color.

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