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    Default Electronic License

    This year Oregon has introduced a license that can be purchased on line and stored in an app on a cell phone. It can also be printed off on paper. The harvest card for recording retained salmon and steelhead may also be filled out on the app. I purchased my pioneer angling license ($6 if you have resided in the state for over fifty years and are 65 or older) and a harvest card for $40.50. This card must be in possession if angling for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon or halibut whether you harvest one or not. I, like many others (of all ages) was having a little trouble navigating the system so I called the ODFW office and a nice lady walked me through it.

    Has your state adopted this licensing system? I usually purchase a license in at least three states and it would be nice to have them all on the phone.

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    Default Re: Electronic License

    Wyoming adopted online licensing this year, ID and UT have had ti for awhile.
    That year we fished together on the Henry's Fork, I bought my ID license using my cell phone, I had the receipt and then when I went to push he button to download my license, I got a failed message. So now what to do. I called the Idaho Game and Fish department and told the gal what happened. She said I would be fine with the receipt.
    Tuesday I purchased a three day license for UT to fish the Green below Flaming Gorge. The first time I used it, it was a bit confusing, but now I have the app on my phone and this time it was pretty easy.

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    Default Re: Electronic License

    For the last 5 years at least they've all been on line and stored on my phone. Funny thing is I've never been asked to produce it other than with a guide who's asked to see it before we went out fishing.

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    Default Re: Electronic License

    In Pennsylvania we are required to display our license, so I don't forsee an app working for us.

    However, they have had online printable licenses for several years. I have found the best way is to print it to a pdf and save it in the cloud. I print out a couple copies (1 for my fly gear, and a separate copy for my spin gear), but having it stored in the cloud allows me to re-print additional copies if I happen to lose one.

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    Default Re: Electronic License

    Wisconsin has several options. One is that the license is linked to your Wi driver's license so you need not carry a fishing license at all. Another is a Wisconsin "Go Wild" card that looks like a credit card and it identifies you and links to all the Go Wild options including holding all sporting licenses including fishing, hunting, trapping, etc. The Go Wild card is a one time expense and that is what I use.

    Go Wild - Account Lookup



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    Default Re: Electronic License

    No apps available but I get my license online in co, nm, az, with az being the last to provide online service. I print and carry.

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    Default Re: Electronic License

    In Ohio we can have an electronic version of the fishing license. I have both, the printed license and an image on the phone.

    Also, for the first time, fishermen in Ohio can purchase multiyear licenses. I bought a 5 year, senior license. Less than $10 a year. The best bargain in Ohio.

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    Default Re: Electronic License

    Quote Originally Posted by bocianka1 View Post
    In Pennsylvania we are required to display our license, so I don't forsee an app working for us.
    Actually, PA has signed a contract with a company for electronic licenses:

    Smartphone option coming for Pennsylvania fish license

    OTOH, I have no intentions of buying a smartphone just to buy a license, and if I ever did buy one, I wouldn't take it fishing, since many of the places I fish don't have cell coverage anyway.

    Also notice that one of the reasons stated in the linked for switching to an e-license is to gather more data about anglers. No thanks.

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    Default Re: Electronic License

    I have TN, NC, VA and SC licenses. TN and VA are more advanced that the other two. Having them on my phone is nice as every now and then I forget to remove my wallet when I wet wade
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    Default Re: Electronic License

    Missouri has online purchase as well as a phone app. When I applied/rec'd for my lifetime license last year that was a mail in form.

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