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    Default Top two destinations if you had the time

    What would everyone's top 2 destinations for fly fishing trips be if you had the time to do it? Practical not Fantasy.
    When I think of fly fishing I automatically think of trout and salmon but that's just me.

    I ask because over the years, that has changed for me. In my younger days I would have chosen first the rivers of Wyoming and Colorado. This was based on articles read from outdoor magazine articles written that I read as a youth. I would still love to but now only if I could get there mid week when most are at work on non crowded spots.

    I now want to spend a week or so fly fishing in East Coast of Canada...maybe spent between Labrador and New Brunswick. The next would be a toss up between the West Coast of Canada fishing Steelhead and Salmon or into the north western US states. I know it not far from home but it is my dream.

    What is everyone else?
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    Default Re: Top two destinations if you had the time

    It has been many years since I made the pilgrimage and things may have changed, but I believe the Park in the Fall is sublime. Swing soft hackles in one of the “holes” or hoover one of the road runs along the Madison in the early morning. The Gibbon also has some wonderful holding water. Grab a sack lunch and head over to the Firehole for the Fall Baetis hatch. For a change of pace head down to the RR ranch or fish the Slide area.

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    Default Re: Top two destinations if you had the time

    I have the time but I also have an old German Shepherd that isn't up to the trip but...…………. Someday I'm going to charter a flight to a river over on Iliamna for a drop off then pickup 2 weeks later. I've been there before but was there to work, during the trips I learned the river but had very little time to fish myself. One day I'll set a camp and stay a while. Other than that I'd just like to get back down to Oregon to fish with some friends there. Really like the North Umpqua

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    Default Re: Top two destinations if you had the time

    Too many places too little time... but to play along,

    Practical destination would be around Yellowstone for a month of hiking and fishing.

    Fantasy destination would be the brown trout stream in the video called "Trout Heaven" I believe it is called the river Ätran and is located in Sweden. I would be fishing a bamboo rod during the Danika hatch with Anders as my guide. For lunch we would be eating stream side (hamburgers, with cream buns for dessert) and drinking coffee with the occasional shot after a big fish is caught.


    Tim C.

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    Default Re: Top two destinations if you had the time

    Need to more adventurous there folks! How about a live-aboard week or more to Cosmoledo in the Seychelles?.....or if you must stay in the fresh,the same time in Argentina stalking the biggest Trout on the planet? Both trips are practical...all you need is the MONEY!!!

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    Default Re: Top two destinations if you had the time

    I would choose New Zealand and the Nipigon River in Canada to fish for brook trout. They are massive in that river system.

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    Default Re: Top two destinations if you had the time

    “Need to more adventurous there folks!“

    You are probably correct. In my twenties/thirties a road trip to Montana or the Alaska backcountry was “adventurous.” Russia wasn’t on the radar. South America required more time off than I had.

    I like to be able to repeat my fishing adventures. The memories may be new, but the area becomes familiar with a hint of “how will this trip be different, what will this trip bring”. Travel to destinations I can’t readily repeat don’t excite me for some reason.

    Perhaps my lack of interest in traveling to more exotic destinations is tied to my aversion to all encompassing package trips. For me a good bit of the fun is the “doing” — planning the trip, learning the water, setting up camp, cooking, etc. Catching fish is important, but how I catch fish more so. I’m older, and it sure is easier to let someone else do all the work, but I feel like a passenger and not a participant.

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    Default Re: Top two destinations if you had the time

    At this point in my life (early 40s) I am ALL about adventure and isolation. We did a remote drop/float trip in Alaska last year where we didn't see another soul for 6 days. This summer we are getting dropped off in the Frank Church wilderness by small plane at a backcountry strip to camp/fish for a few days.

    I'd love to hit some large Canadian brook trout in NewFoundland and also disappear into the Yukon somewhere fishing for large char.

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    Default Re: Top two destinations if you had the time

    Great Slave Lake trib Northwest territories for Inconnu, the tarpon of the north.

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    Default Re: Top two destinations if you had the time

    New Zealand and Patagonia

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