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    Since there is alot of talking about soft hackle, We would do a soft hackle swap.


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    I agree John :-)

    I want to say, that although a traditional wet fly, they are a very versatile fly. Don't limit yourself.
    Get "SLY NEMES - The Soft-Hackle Fly and Tiny Soft Hackles" great read.

    To me, there is generally the PUPA/CHIRONOMID stage, then the NYMPH, then the EMERGER, then DRY, and the Spinner.

    I don't consider pupa/chironomid a nymph, but that is me.

    But, I will fish a WD40 or a Zebra on the bottom or mid or even Frog Fanny bubble on top with GREAT success.

    I say try different things with flies.
    In my Denny Rickards fishing Stillwater book, they put softhacle on Pheasant Tails, on Hares ears....and there is the AP.....which all I am saying is softhackle are NOT just floss and Partridge.....they can be many thing.
    My favorite streamer is Gartsides Marabou Soft-Hackle on a #4 hook.

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    I'll think about hosting a soft hackle swap after the new year. Right now it is just too busy with holidays and family.


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    If I miss it, pm me, I am soooo in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joni View Post
    If I miss it, pm me, I am soooo in.
    I wouldn't do a swap without you.


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    The original type soft hackles are just about forgotten in today's world. The orange and partridge it one of my favorite flies. I have Joni tie up some all the time for me. (I give away quite a bit)
    However you fish them, the damn things work.
    A great fly is one that imitates more than one insect. The old guys knew what works, and soft hackles work. I fish them like Greenwood does, sink tip to floater.
    Sly's book is a very insiteful book too. We thought it was good enough that we got one for G$ last year for Christmas.
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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    Default Re: Nymphs v. Soft Hackles

    Hey, I'll be keeping my eyes posted for that soft hackle swap; and I wouldn't be surprised to see Pocono jump in on that one too!

  8. Default Re: Nymphs v. Soft Hackles

    I'm down for a softhackle swap....

    I prefer softhackle to nymphs, more ways to fish them and Joni said it, they ungulate & pulsate with each strip of fly line....Hard to beat a fly that commands a aggressive strikes.

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    Default Re: Nymphs v. Soft Hackles

    I have heard and read good reviews on the Nemes book. I am going to have to check it out. What about "Wet Flies" by Dave Hughes? Anyone read it or have a review of it? Also, what about Davy Wotton's DVD "Wet Fly Ways"? Anyone watched it? Looks like it might be a good resource.

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    Davy Wotton is one of my HERO's. His videos are the best. He explains things sooooo clearly. It is a great vid, definitely worth checking out.
    As Far as Dave Hughes...well anything he puts out has got to be great. Sadly I haven't .....YET!

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