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Thread: Hi everybody

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    I'm looking to get into fly fishing this spring and I was wondering if some of you could give me some pointers on a good starter flyfishing rig.I will be fishing mainly for trout inthe 1/2-5lbs range.In streams and rivers that are ~10-40yds wide.Im looking to spend around 100-150 on the rod and real.

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    For all around trout fishing, and the streams you describe, a nine foot rod designed to handle a 5 weight line would be a great all around set up. (A long rod is helpful for mending line in current to get a natural drift with the fly.)

    If you’re new to fly fishing, keep in mind a good fly line will run 30-70 bucks, plus 7 bucks for backing for the fly reel. If you’re looking to keep it within 100-150 all in (except flies) you might want to browse some past threads on this forum to see what others recommend (lots of options) in terms of complete outfits.

    I'm sure others will weigh in with other good ones, but LL Bean has 2 good ones in your price range to look at:

    Their Quest 2 series outfit runs 99 bucks for a 2 piece rod (plus composite plastic reel, fly line, backing, leader and tube)

    And their StreamLight outfit with a bit better blank and components and better reel. The 2 piece rod outfit goes for 169 for an 8’ 6”rod or 179 for a 9’ rod (four piece rods are more convenient for air travel but run higher). These outfits also include rod tube, reel, backing, fly line and leader.

    You can find links for both here:
    Fly Rod and Reel Outfits: Fishing at L.L.Bean

    There are also a lot of other options out there for outfits from big name online guys, and you can also put a decent outfit together for a bit more by mixing components from different companies.

    Another way to go might be to put some trust and a bit more money (depending on what you end up with) into your local fly shop, and have them put together something within your budget. The advantage of this is that they’ll have an investment in getting you off to a good start, and will maybe throw in a few informal casting lessons or a few freebies and otherwise really help you out with the learning curve. Getting help with casting is a HUGE plus for a beginner.

    The downside might be a more limited selection of different price points of gear, but typically the prices for the same brand/model are very close if not identical to the big box stores. The local shops, which used to be the backbone of the sport are a great resource, but are having a tough time competing with the big boys. But they should have a range of inexpensive, decent models to choose from that you can wave around out back and cast a few, and can put together a great outfit for you to stay in your budget. If you were already anticipating the cost of the fly line, backing etc, in addition to the 100-150 figure you’d be at around 150-200 for a complete outfit with line and backing and it makes more sense to look at individual components anyway.

    If you let folks know where you are (in your profile) you’ll probably get some recommendations for fly shops to check out.

    Hope this helps.


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    Can't argue with the previous recommendation regarding 5 wt. 9 ft. rod -- several choices in the price range you have -- besides LL Bean there's Cabela's and Bass Pro with reasonably priced outfits -- Bass Pro has some nice TFO outfits available -- also you should check out to see what is for sale used on this and other forums -- there are some places that sell discounted equipment --usually discontinued lines -- even some great sales this time of year at fly shops -- so you should be able to find what you're looking for at the price you want to spend
    "Fly fishing is solitary, contemplative, misanthropic, scientific in some hands, poetic in others, and laced with aesthetic considerations. It's not even clear if catching fish is actually the point." -John Gierach

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    Pretty hard to beat these discounts. I recommend the A5 rod and any reel you might like.

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    i would recomend the cabelas genesis if you want the full deal starter kit, it comes with everything you'll need when you first start, including some flies

    my parents just got it for me, i upgraded from a classic heddon rod with a pfluger medalist, to this, and i'm already getting more distance on my casts. and since its just trout you're going after i'd get a 5wt or 6 wt.
    and from this set up, you can slowly get yourself nicer stuff with a better new reel then up to a great rod!

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