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Thread: 6' Fly Rod??

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    Quote Originally Posted by roadkill1948 View Post
    Use what you have and enjoy it. I once taped a reel with 5wt line to one of the yarn lined-practice-learning rods. It actually cast quite well out to 30+ feet.
    Just for fun I put a fly reel and line on a cheap 7 foot spinning rod and took it out in my yard to see what I could do. I was surprised at how well I could actually cast with it (perfectly adequate for a small stream). I thought about trying it with an 11 foot surf casting rod, but I don't have a fly line that heavy.

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    My favorite short rod is a St Croix Imperial 6' 2 wt.
    It took me a while to figure out that it is much happier with a 1 wt. line than it is with a 2 wt. line.
    It's just right for some of the tiny streams I fish in the mountains of NH and ME.
    The first time I used it I was fishing a larger river I crossed while walking to a small stream. The first fish was a 15-16" brown. The rod handled that fish with no problem. Plenty of bend, but no problem.
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    6 foot rods are a hoot on the appropriate water and sometimes that is larger than a tiny trickle for sure. They lack a lot of mending ability but they aren't for that anyways, their point and shoot rods.
    A lot of people don't like them because they are rather hard to cast, but practice makes perfect and will also improve your casting with longer rods too.
    Those practice sticks sold by some company's are really short but I cast them fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by durangobrad View Post
    I find no use in anything shorter than 7'6".
    I am that way below 7'.

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    I really like my 6 foot fiberglass Cabela's Prime rod. It is one piece so it is always ready to go (though not as convenient to transport, I suppose) and casts fine for the small stream. And I only paid $49 for it (unfortunately I don't see it on the Cabela's site anymore, so I wonder if it is discontinued).

    I have a few other "short" rods. One is a really old Garcia Conolon, 6'6" in what translates to about a 6 wt. It is good for bass fishing in the kayak (I like a short rod for kayak fishing so I can reach the tip with one hand while holding the handle with the other, unless I am using a tenkara rod where that is unnecessary). I have a 6'10" LL Bean Pocket Water 4 wt, which is also a really nice rod on the small stream (it is actually the most expensive rod I own at $200 retail. I let my brother use that when I am using the Prime or a tenkara rod). I have a 7" CGR 5 wt, and the rest are all more than 8 ft, that I use for pike and salt water fishing. Those rods provide more upper body workout. If I spend the morning on Lake Champlain swinging a 9'6" 8 wt with the Behemoth reel, it is a joy to pick up that little Prime in the afternoon at the stream, it is like a feather.

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    My Cabelas CGR 2 weight is 6í2Ē. I find it very useful and often preferable in tight spots. I can even use Deer hair divers with it. Bass donít run off a lot of line. A fish capable of running off line might present a problem unless the reel had the line capacity needed.

    I guess it depends on your particular 6í rod and what you want to do with it. Thereís a lot of situations and fish out there. Then you have whatever your imagination can come up with. Short rods arenít toys any more than any other rod is a toy.
    Wherever you go, there you are.

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    ^ Atta boy

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    Not sure what you can do with a 6' rod that a 7' rod can't do too but a 7' rod can do things a 6' rod can't do as well.

    To the member who mentioned Lee Wulff using a 6' rod. True, he did, but have you read how many 6' rods he broke?

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick62 View Post

    An odd duck called the "L'il Streamer," made by an outfit called Global Dorber in Flipping, Ark. They don't seem to be around anymore. The Global dorbeR Group, Inc. - Rods & Reels - Equipment / Accessories - Buy & Sell -

    It's five and a half feet, five weight, and has a lot of oversized guides. Once you get used to waving around what amounts to a cork-handled tomato stake, it's remarkable what can be done with it.
    Omg. I'm still laughing and smiling five minutes later.

    Moderators, is there a "Classic Lines" forum for the gems that guys come up with from time to time? I've seen a few other things that folks have said that really gave me a chuckle or I thought should be written down for some good reason or another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparsegraystubble View Post
    Back in the Ď60s I carried 6í, 7í and 8í Fenwick glass rods at one point. I almost always ended up fishing the 6í in famous Pennsylvania streams like Spring Creek, Big Fishing Creek, Pennís Creek and so on.

    I used that short rod for dries, nymphs, streamers and traditional wet flies. I donít remember ever having much of an issue with how far it casted or even with a low back cast. As I remember (of course my memory sucks at 73) it even turned over a 12 foot leader fairly well.
    My first rod was a 6' finwick glass rod. My dad and I got my brother and I identical ones when I was 6 years old. I fished with it in the small streams of western North Carolina until I got my first graphite rod in the late 1980's when I was in college. Back in those day's and those streams, a 15' cast a long one.

    Unfortunately, it disappeared when I was in graduate school. I would love to have it back to give to my son. (He's 7, soon to be 8.)
    "Do yourself a favor. Take a kid fishing." - Franc White aka "The Southern Sportsman"

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    "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." - Henry David Thoreau

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