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    I'll have to find an image of my old NorthFace dome tent (VE25?). But instead will switch to reels. An intrinsic concept in fly fishing is manual, direct simplicity. Our tackle tends to eschew mechanical advantages, we do things by hand manipulation. But after the post WWII fascination with French and Italian spinning tackle which represented the opposite and more modern attitude which persists to today...automatic transmissions, fishing too tried to embrace such modernity. It, I'm pleased to say, did not take and we went back to our traditional ways with, however, the adoption of Nylon and latter fiberglass and graphite. Fine with me.

    Here is a junk box of failed concepts in automating angling (I apologize for the old Medalist which found its way in there).

    T19 009 Reel Junk vs.jpg

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    Dang Ard I still use a Tru-Art when fishing panfish, I like it since it reels spare line so quickly thus letting me get sunnies under control before they dive into the weed bed. Guess I'm outdated with my equipment as most of what I use would fit right in with that box of reels.

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