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    Assuming you are London Chicago/Chicago London and you want to maximize fishing time...I have never been West of Lake Michigan for Trout accordingly I cannot comment on western rivers which are legendary only because they are truly the last wilderness and not somewhat urban. If you want to leave the ambiance of the Test and enjoy the Rocky Mountain high is all respects then go west for the high and mountains. However, may I suggest the following: Book a flight on Northern Sky a scheduled charter carrier using an all jet(not turbo prop) Dornier Jet 328
    Depart from Chicago Midway Intl Airport (MDW) Arrive Manistee Michigan in about 25 minutes
    Now what have August wild trout...the Pine River, the Black River for native Brook...upper Manistee River...upper Pere Marquette...and others... then after inhaling pure wild trout and you want to tussle with a 20-30 lb King Salmon introduced into Lake Michigan and going up river to spawn the Pere Marquette a 60 feet wide river with an 8 lb tippet and a 10 foot 7 wt and a by-catch might be a wild Brown trout dining on the King's spawn...go to the Michigan DNR site and research the rivers...why Michigan because you can maximize your time fishing...if you want an experience in August float and fish the Pine River...just do it mid week...

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    Quote Originally Posted by old timer View Post
    Colorado isn't even mentioned. I love it!
    Last winter Colorado had a very poor snow pack season, this year it is just the opposite, they have received the most snow of any of the Rocky Mountain states, well worth looking at, especially for August fishing:

    Two years ago I fished the Gunnison River out of Pleasure Park (14 miles east of Delta, CO) in mid-August and we had an awesome time, mainly throwing hoppers and caddis in the evenings. I didn't go last year for fear of the low water conditions, but this year I'm going back.

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    I'd say to do Yellowstone also with the small caveat that you probably won't be alone.

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    Default Re: 4 days in August - where please?!

    Although many suggestions are great, I'd agree with Larry. Both the west side and the front range of the Rockies have gotten plenty of snowpack this year and the season hasn't reached it's peak yet so it should only get better. Colorado offers lots of water and tons of tail-waters. The heavy snowpack should keep the reservoirs full for adequate flows throughout the summer this year. United and American have direct flights from ORD (O'Hare) non-stop to DEN for under $200 round trip. I didn't read all of the posts but, might try Flaming Gorge, UT also. You can fly in to SLC. Beautiful scenery and great fishing. Majority of it is either float or hike, but there is a good hiking trail that runs along the edge of the river for several miles starting at the dam. SLC is a little more expensive to fly from ORD. About double from what it is to DEN.

    Since you only have 3 days, it'll be hard to see any of Yellowstone, unfortunately. Too bad. It's a phenomenal experience for scenery and wildlife, on top of the fishing. It would be easy to get distracted and lose some valuable fishing time. Not to mention the possibility of a herd of buffalo blocking the road indefinitely if you're moving from one spot to another.
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    Thank you all for the kind suggestions. There's so much food for thought here that I now feel spoiled for choice. I'm especially grateful for the insights with respect to snow packs and Summer fishing - not something that is necessary to consider on my home turf!

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    Star Valley, Wyoming on the Salt River (Browns and Cutthroat). The Salt River is fed mostly by spring creeks so the water temperature rarely gets above 55 degrees during the hottest part of the day in August. Then you are also close (20 min drive) to the South Fork (Browns, Rainbows, and Cutthroat) of the Snake River in Idaho. I would recommend hiring a guide for the South Fork as it is much more accessible via a drift boat. You may need to hire a guide for the Salt River as well since most flows through private land.

    As someone else stated, it can get pretty hot in Montana in August and at times they will start closing rivers to fishing.
    There are no flying fish in Montana or Wyoming.

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