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    Default Re: Time on the Water: How much and how do you manage it?

    Come to think of it even when I fished a lot I would be unable to tall you how many hours or days I fished. I've met guys who are happy to quote statistics, sometimes since being a member here I've seem people who joined and then posted to the affect that they fish 300 days a year. I never did that I don't think.

    What I can tell you is that I managed to be single until age 50 and I had no children out of wedlock. During those years I became very fond of fishing and I did it a lot more than any responsible fellow with a wife - kids and job could have done. But like I said I didn't count days and hours and so never made any claims of how much I fished. I'd leave it to you to guess

    At this point I've fished in 22 different states and 9 provinces of Canada and I feel like I fished quite a bit. Now I live in Alaska and have been doing that since 2004 and they say this is a good place to fish. I'd have to agree with that especially if you can pick when and where to do it based on current conditions. Other than when I am hired to take people fishing I don't have to fish, I do if I want to but I don't feel the need just to say I did. Part of that I attribute to the fact that for me to fish I must take my boat, that makes it a little more difficult than parking a car and walking a bit...………….

    Like the guy who said he's into quality over quantity I do the same. I plan my days and destinations with solitude in mind and in most of Alaska that isn't a given. I go where and when I know I can expect good results and usually stay a day or 2. I've been casting long enough that I got good at it and don't need practice so that's not a concern.

    I have no idea how much I fish.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Time on the Water: How much and how do you manage it?

    I spent a few years in education at the state level right out of college and was bored to death. I made a career change and jumped in the for-profit side of business working in HR management and corporate education/training, spending much time in airports and being relocated all over the country...absolutely loved the work, fast pace, and awesome colleagues. Didn't have much time for fishing during my career, but I have been retired for four years now and i'm having the time of my life.

    I live on the west side of Albuquerque so I can be at a trout stream in about sixty minutes...the Jemez Mountains. Last year was weird because of NP closures or tailwaters running high more than typical, but most years I would fish 1-3 days per week for trout in streams all over northern New Mexico. Camping right next to a river and fly fishing for native trout is my favorite thing to do and I'm lucky that I live near so many options. I plan to fish more this year and expect to be on the water a couple of days a week with big 1 and 2 week trips sprinkled in through the year. Fortunately my wife is very supportive of my obsession...she even likes to go with me and two other married couples to camp a couple of times each year. Life is good!
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    Default Re: Time on the Water: How much and how do you manage it?

    I'm into quality as I fish my high quantity.

    Quality is what you make it. A trout is a trout no matter where it lives.

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    Default Re: Time on the Water: How much and how do you manage it?

    I'm a pilot. Schedule is variable so I just carry my stuff with me and if the opportunity presents itself, I be ready. Been lots of places, caught lot of fish.

    My wife likes to fish so when I'm home we go out weather permitting.

    We really don't care what we get. Just like being outside. I do like to use the fly pole but she is handicapped so we switch between trolling for her and me waving my fly rod. Is all good.

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    Default Re: Time on the Water: How much and how do you manage it?

    I work shift, alternating between 2-3 nights and 2-3 days, with a few days off in between. I love it, I only work on average three 12 hour days(or nights) a week it gives me plenty of week days off when everyone else is working so I don't have to battle any crowds!

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    Default Re: Time on the Water: How much and how do you manage it?

    Quote Originally Posted by old timer View Post
    I'm into quality as I fish my high quantity.

    Quality is what you make it. A trout is a trout no matter where it lives.
    I dunno. I caught a lot of trout within a few yards of a huge above ground sewer line traversing the Chattahoochee in Atlanta. Sometimes the ambiance was impacted.

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    Default Re: Time on the Water: How much and how do you manage it?

    I would fish nearly every day of the year if life didn't get in the way. But it does. There is more to life than fishing. I average about one day a week fishing, plus the occasional multi-day trip to locales farther away from home, but I'm trying to get in more time on the water. For a long time I lived at least a half hour away from any of my favorite spots to fish, so nearly all my trips were full days. Now we live part of the year right on the Yellowstone River and I can fish right out my back door for a couple hours any day I want to, and we just completed an off-grid cabin on a river in Missouri where I live the rest of the year, so it looks like I will be able to spend more hours on the water there, too. I guess that's how I've managed my time on the closer to the water!

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    Default Re: Time on the Water: How much and how do you manage it?

    Life has afforded me to have a lot of free time but it's still precious. I manage it in such a fashion as to give me the best all around experience. I guess I've had the luxury of having the outdoors at my beck and call my whole life. As a result, I don't feel as though I need to get out there every chance I have as though I might miss something.

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    Nice fish! Do you have anymore pictures of it lying in the dirt?
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    Default Re: Time on the Water: How much and how do you manage it?

    To manage time is to create work. You come up with a plan, create a schedule, pin location routes, figure in breakdown and set up time in-between, and lunch. I don't fish to work or work to fish. As with Ard, I don't count the days per year I fish. I fish every day that I possibly can. As far as time in/on the water, I don't manage it either. I "plan" to fish several locations on a trip. This is simply a back-up plan if I'm not catching fish where I'm standing. Or I'll change locations from day to day to keep from hammering one spot too hard. I'm hoping soon to participate in a forum thread that counts the number of days I don't fish in a year. Guessing I'm still going to be required to participate in Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Anniversary, and birthdays (4 for now but that will likely change when grandkids start coming along), that wipes out 8 days I can't fish from the start. We'll see where it goes from there.
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    Default Re: Time on the Water: How much and how do you manage it?

    I fish almost daily between May and September. Maybe only an hour or two, but I'm out there, somewhere.

    I managed to wind up in a line of work where I pretty much make my own schedule. I also live close to lots of places to fish. Funny how that works out.

    Re: What Ard mentioned -- I'm 57, never married, and no kids, which opens up a lot of possibilities on one hand (and precludes a lot on the other).

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