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Thread: Gear prices

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    Awhile back there was a thread about why flyrods were so high. I was looking in my cabelas 09 catalog and seen a new fly wallet with plastic zip lock bags and a 12" by 7" is ONLY 34.99, cool, the only problem is I bought a bass worm wallet thats 11" by 10" and other then a small foam strip in the fly one and a diffrent color on the outside , THEY ARE THE SAME DAMN THING and I only payed 13.99 for the one I bought LOL over 20.00 diff just becuase its for flyfishing.
    Now that I have said that they are great for streamers and stuff, the one I have is a plano and the zipper bags are great for striper flies, the pouches I put leaders and tippet in and hang my stats and hook sharpner and what'not on my lanyard. Its kinda big to pack on a trout stream, unless you use a back pack, but for boats I love it.

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    Gear prices are going to be higher for fly fishing gear vs. conventional fishing gear. More people conventional fish than fly fish, producers like Plano will have larger customer populations than a company that produces for fly fishing.

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    this is true I agree but its bit much I think is all, and like G. loomis sells rods for walleye,bass, casting and spinning and even in those lines they are alot more then top name companies that dont make fly rods. Oh well I guess if ya want to dance ya gota pay the fiddler lol

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