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Thread: After you tie

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    Default After you tie

    After you tie your flys , how do you remove them from the vise & what do you put them on to dry. I use a needle in the hook eye to remove it from the vise & I have some wooden spring clothspins with 1/4 in foam weatherstripping tape on them & I just hook the fly to the foam & clip it to my light.

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    my wife found some extra foam blocks that the therapy dept was gonna through out so she grabbed 'em up for me, they work great for holding flies to dry, as far as takeing 'em out of the vise I lightly hold them behind the eye unclamp the vise and stick them in the foam.
    The density is even right I may cut some popper bodies out of one block for bass and gill's

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    I bought some 1/4 foam from Micheal's Craft shops that I put in Altoid boxes for cheap fly boxes. In any event I use strips of the stuff to stick the fly in and then apply glue to the head.

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    basically I open the vise let it fall into my hand and set it on the table. usually I only use head cement to finish it so its all good. then if I use epoxy I got 5 min so I just smear it on and wait a few minutes while I adjust the eyes till it sets and start with the next one. I only make some basic stuff tho
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    Just tied fly are removed from the vice and stuck into a block of foam that probably was packing foam ... I don't remember
    After I've got a bunch of flies tied up....... then they get the head cement... eyes... epoxy .... whatever
    Never one at a time....
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