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    Default Re: A Good Reel in the $200-250 Range?

    Quote Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
    I also would likely pick a reel from Lamson, Ross USA, or Galvan. But I'd also look into getting a Abel Creek if you want a reel that is both beautiful and adequately simplistic. (its a click-drag reel. I'm a click fan)
    I'm a "click" fan, too. I have an Abel Creek in black that I use on my 7'6" Sage ZXL. I love the reel. I bought two Abels for my wife for Christmas; a 5N in Brookie colors for her Winston BIIx 8'6" 5 wt. and a 4 in Rainbow colors for her T&T 7'6" 4wt. Both great reels! But, I don't think that they'll fit within the budget that was originally given by Surfin the Susquehanna.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeG View Post
    Galvan Open Back reels are really nice. Smooth drag, no clicking.
    I have 3 Galvan OB's and absolutely love them.

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    Default Re: A Good Reel in the $200-250 Range?

    Quote Originally Posted by racine View Post
    Sportsmans Wearhouse in Aurora, Colorado had some Lamson Konics for sale for $100(4/5wt). The best part was adding a spare spool was $110! Too bad I didn't need one but I was trying to talk a newbie about this being a very good deal on such a good reel.
    I should have said that an extra spool was $10 extra.

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    Default Re: A Good Reel in the $200-250 Range?

    I'm not really sure about which reel I'd recommend from Cabela's, but this
    does raise the issue of gift certificates. My sister was buying me GC's for
    Guitar Center for my 40th-45th B-Days: I don't shop there, and if I did, they
    don't have anything I want (I play classical guitar). Other people have been'
    giving me Borders GC's, but I live next to a HUGE Barnes&Noble! Finally, someone gave me a Barnes&Noble GC this year, and I bought Dave Hughes',
    Essential Trout Flies. Great Book!

    There are several reels that are being discontinued/altered this year, and
    the bargains are everywhere. Cabelas sold out of all there Ross Rhythms, but
    I had 3 in my hands yesterday afternoon, and they were $140 each! The same shop was blowing out Made in UK Orvis BBS reels for $110.

    So where does all of that leave you? I'd look at the Lamson Guru.

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