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Thread: 2 or 4 piece?

  1. Default 2 or 4 piece?

    wondering what people think about their rods, if 2 piece is better than 4 or 4piece is better than 2, answer with why you picked either one also.

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    Default Re: 2 or 4 piece?

    Can't give you any expert reasons but I'll give you the perpective of a newb. I just purchased a 2 piece 9'. My rational was each additional joint had to detract from feel (since I've learned on here that's not as true anymore). I had room to store longer sections. And last the 2 piece cost less.

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    Default Re: 2 or 4 piece?


    I have both, the 4 pc rods travel well on a motorcycle but I manage to haul a 9' 2pc when I need it. I have a 1994 4pc 5wt PM 10 that has landed some big fish and seems up to the task. I also have an older 7' 9" Far & Fine 2pc that has landed many Silver Salmon without a hitch. Strength-wise I guess there may be a difference but I think portability is the main factor in choosing between them. I do believe that the 2pc Far and Fine casts better than the four piece rod by a bit but I could be wrong about that.

    In heavy rods it seems that they are all 2 or 3 pc rods that I have. I did get my wife a 4pc 9wt for Kings but the run was so poor this past season that we didn't get a fish hooked to it. It seems to cast well enough and hopefully we'll find out if it'll land a King this spring.

    Portability remains my criteria when choosing a rod per number of sections. Although if I get a killer deal on an old 2pc heavy rod I'll buy it and deal with the length of the tube.

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    Default Re: 2 or 4 piece?

    I have 2,3,4,and 5 pc rods. The 5 pc. is a Winston LT5. Can't tell the difference if it was a 1 pc. I have Orvis 4pc rods, a glass 4w Steffan Bros. that's fast but I think it's because of the extra ferrule's. Still a great rod. Packs up as good as the LT. Actually I really like that rod.
    I like my 3pc and 2pc rods too. I really don't think of #of pieces anymore. Once again, as it is in fly fishing, it's nothing more than a matter of personal preference.

    Now I've heard it before, odd # pieces are better because of harmonics in the casting. Could all be b.s. but who really knows we don't have a lot of rocket scientists on ff'ing forums.
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    Default Re: 2 or 4 piece?

    I was totally against 'too-many piece' rods when they were introduced. Now I'll never look back!
    Most of my rods are four piece and, to be honest, I can't tell the difference in feel or weight from the two and three piece rods I own.
    The four piece rods travel far better than the two piece.
    Besides... it's far better, easier and cheaper to make a two piece rod out of a four piece than a four piece out of a two piece!

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    Default Re: 2 or 4 piece?

    I like a 4 pc for hiking into remote areas. Other than that. A 2pc is fine.

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    I like both, I have like 9 4-p rods, which fit in the truck better when you break then down better for packing into places, and other advantages, with todays rods you cant tell a diffrenece when you cats them. The only thing I do to make them better is paint a small birght color dot to make it faster to aligne them when I connect them. I have two piece rods for my bigger rods for bass and striper and such really no other reason then I do all that fishinbg out of a boat and dont need the rods to break down that small. I also hang my rods in cases on a rack I made thats a long board with hooks on it like a hat rack and the 4's dont take up as much wall space.

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    Default Re: 2 or 4 piece?

    If you're ever going to travel, a 2 piece rod is a huge liability, so I'd go for a 3 or 4 piece rod.

    I have heard of people not liking more joints in a rod because it can come apart during a cast. I've had it happen, but only once, and I was 11 years old, so my attention to assembly wasn't so great.

    Most of my rods are 3 piece, but my "go to" rod for hiking, biking, and travel is my 9 foot 8 wt telescopic. It fits in a suitcase (and lockers onboard Navy ships) and performs pretty well. I think there is some loss of distance and feeling because it has guide rings instead of snake guides, but otherwise it does great.

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    Default Re: 2 or 4 piece?

    I can't tell any difference between my 2 piece and 4 piece rods. Seldom do I take my 2 piece rods on a trip any more. The 4 piece rods fit in my travel bag neatly and are easy to fit in a backpack.


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    I looked into that a while back, and although I don't have a perfectly scientific answer, manufacturer's charts of flexibility tend to show more flex in rods with fewer pieces. The amount is marginal, .5 units on a scale of 1-10.

    I was not surprised to find this because with a 4 piece, there are going to be more firm joint locations than with a 2 piece, making the rod a bit more stiff.

    Again the difference is marginal, and I prefer a 4 piece simply because it is easier to store for me.

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