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Thread: Rotary tying

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    Default Rotary tying

    I'm just wondering what kind of vise is most common & how many of you have rotary flytying vises & if you use the rotary Feature.

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    I use a Griffin Montana Mongoose and love it. I use the rotary feature on probably 75% of the flies I tie. It took a while to figure out how to use the rotary so it actually made things easier, but now there is no way I'd go back to a fixed vise.


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    Default Re: Rotary tying

    Renzetti here and I do use the rotary feature for tying. It's also very keen for simply checking your fly for symmetry and such.
    Once you use rotary it's hard to go back.

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    One of the best attributes of this Forum is that it gives everyone the freedom to express their opinions on each & every subject. Many times we all use different products/methods to achieve the same goal, catching fish. :-)

    I am similar, but different in my answer to the vise Thread. I use a Peak Rotary vise & I'd say I use the rotary feature about 90%+ on most all of the flies I tie.

    If you are new to fly tying I'd suggest taking a class at a local shop, or at least ask them if you could watch a class. I can tell you that it is an awesome feeling being out on the water & hooking into a nice fish with a fly you yourself tied.

    Try it you may get hooked like many of us,

    Tie One On

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    I have a True Rotary Vise that I travel with. (cheap) and I have a renetti at the house that is fixed to my tying table. The rotary feature is great for wrapping about anything. I also use it to trim and make flies good great.


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    Default Re: Rotary tying

    Peak for me!!!! Love it!!!!
    "Fly fishing is solitary, contemplative, misanthropic, scientific in some hands, poetic in others, and laced with aesthetic considerations. It's not even clear if catching fish is actually the point." -John Gierach

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    Default Re: Rotary tying

    I bought a Peak rotary vise a couple years ago, and cannot imagine wrapping a Copper John without a rotary function now....It's Just That Good!

    I also rotary wrap Wooly Bugger hackle, nymph dubbing, ribbing of all sorts,
    peackock herl on Zug Bugs (etc), pheasant tail bodies on PTN's.............

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    Default Re: Rotary tying

    I bought a Peak Rotary vise just before xmas on the advise Frank gave on another thread. For the price you can't beat it. I absolutely love the rotary function for anything you wrap, much more control.


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    Specially a dubbing loop!

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    I tie 98% saltwater flies and have a peak rotary vise. I don't real use the rotary the way most people would for wrapping but it is very nice to be able to flip the fly over and make sure the bucktail is where it should be,tying clousers it is easier to flip the fly insted of removing it from the vice and flipping it back over. I would advise anyone to get a rotary if they can afford it. They make tying a joy instead of a chore.

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