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Thread: 1st Steelhead

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    A friend and I went fishing Saturday as the weather wasn't too bad. Mid 30s with some sun. It certainly got cold as the sun faded. We had to clean ice from the guides pretty often towards the end. These were caught at the last hole we tried. It was our first time on this river, so we felt pretty fortunate to do this well. Four steelhead in total. Three for Mike, one for me. The fish I caught (I'm in the light colored jacket) took about 15 or so min to land and is my first steelhead. We guessed him to be 7-8 lb, 25". Articulated streamers tied by Mike did the job. I was surprised by the tussle in such cold water (34*). The takes were very light, though. Now the river is full of slush, with pretty cold weather forecast all week.
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    GREAT job, and nice fish. Sounds like you had a great day. You must be glad you toughed it out and fished at that last hole instead of heading in to a warm fire. It doesn't take long after chipping ice from the guides and standing in freezing water in sloppy weather to wonder if there might be some saner ways to spend your time.... but one hook up later you know you made the right call and you're not nuts after all. Well OK, maybe just a little nuts, it's sort of a job requirement for chasing steel.



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    awesome PDQ. way to hang in there. as a fisherman in general, i know what it's like to be ready to retire for the day, then that ONE LAST CAST turns into a great fish.... then you gotta stay out a little more

    real nice steelhead too!

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    Congrats on the steel.....not an easy quarry.
    The head, the tail, the whole damn thing

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    Nice work especially the first time on that river! Nothing better than hooking into a steelie. Thanks for sharing your fishing story and the beautiful photos.


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    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I've always found it hard to give up until I was left with no choice. Sit in the tree stand until dark, climb that last hill in case there's a grouse on top, hit one last hole 'cause I'm already cold so why not. Truth be told, I wasn't too cold. I had my hat off and my jacket unzipped to stay cool enough. Clearing guides, cleaning ice from my line and putting fish back certainly kept my hands from getting too warm. When the river's right, I'll be back.

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