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View Poll Results: How old were you when you stared fly fishing?

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Thread: When did you start?

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    Wakefield, Quebec.

    Default Re: When did you start?

    In 1978, while in my last year at school. They had a fly tier come in and show us how flies were tied. He showed me how to tie a muddler. I was tying about 3 years before I actually cast a fly rod. It was mostly a self-thought hobby, resources were very few apart from magazines and a few books. Once bitten by that ''bug'', I sold off all my fishing gear to buy decent fly stuff.

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    I just started 5 months ago and I am 43. I live in Texas andlike many I thought you had to live in Colorado or Montana to fly fish. I also thought it would be too hard and too elitist. I finally got the chance and have been hooked/obsessed since.

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    I caught my first fish on a fly that I tied myself when I was 7
    I didn't become a fly rod purist until a few years later when I broke my spinning rod
    After that it was fly fish or not fish at all.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    The first time I tried fly fishing I was around 12 or 13, and my dad was showing me how to cast. We were at Willow Lake in Oregon, just throwing a wooly bugger into the water. He left me alone to practice, and I ended up hooking into a small Largemouth. We would usually fish with spinners in a kayak out on the lake. After he passed away, I inherited the fishing gear, and found the same fly rod that I had used years ago. Now it is pretty much the only fishing I do. I find it is good for the soul!

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    Default Re: When did you start?

    Age 11 - then I took a 50 year hiatus! But I'm back!

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    Age 58. Wish I had gotten started earlier in life but really doubt I would have had the time or patients to stay with it while still in the workplace.

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    Well you gotta back to the '60's about the time the Beatles came out with Sargeant Pepper when I took my hard earned allowance and bought a cheap bamboo rod from the local hardware store. That same afternoon, I wrapped a dark chicken feather around a bare bait hook and later that evening somehow got the line and fly out far enough to catch a 10" stocker in the local coal pit / trout pond.... at that point at age 13, I became hooked for life!!!

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    Default Re: When did you start?

    Starting at 45, I always wanted to do it but 2009 will be the year that I actually do it.

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    My Dad tried to teach my older brother and I when we were 9-10 years of age. We both came to the conclusion that it was easier to toss a spinner with a Zebco and so disregarded his lessons. Bad conclusion!

    45 years later and I realized what my Dad was trying to teach us! I got really hooked last year and haven't turned back.

    My little brother use to work for SAGE. When I asked him if he had any contacts there...he reminded me that it was 20 years ago!

    Knowledge is sometimes wasted on youth! Needless to say my son's have been taught to flyfish and are way better than I, but I leave the rest to them.


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    Dad used tp take us kids out in a boat and fish for bluegills with cane poles and worms. If we were behaving, he'd sometimes get out his flyrod and cast for bluegills on the beds. I loved watching the line go out!

    He started teaching us to flyfish when we were still pre-teens. We had the cheapest, and probably the worst, equipment. Heavy 7 weight fiberglass rods and cheap level line. He used the metal eyeletts to attach the leader to the line, and for leaders we just used a 7 foot section of 4# monofilament. It was very hard and very frustrating to get the leader to turn over the small poppers and foam spiders we always used. Yet, in retrospect, once we learned how to cast that terrible set-up, we were pretty good.

    I kept up flyfshing ever since, but it was probably 35 years later before I tried to flyfish for trout.
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