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    Hello fellow fly fisherman, I believe i was once a member to this web site some years back.Perhaps the site has change its name slightly? At any rate I'm returning after a long lapse in the sport not that I'd lost total interest but have been spoiled since the last trip fishing in Montana. Its hard to beat such beauty and excitement of catching and releasing so many fish often!
    The Bitterroot River was the place with four trip under my belt.
    Fishing locally on Vancouver island in B.C. Canada is my home. Here I've haven't been for a couple of years,as mentioned, although once a short trip of a few hours doesn't really count! The cause is been golfing with my nine year old son, who is very interested in the sport and plays very well! The other cause is coworkers intrested in golfing too. Lots of socializing!
    Anyway I hope to post from time to time with local trips and pictures from passed ones! Hope to find answers and support as time passes.
    Thank you!
    Tight lines and release!

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    Welcome back. I've got a friend who now lives in Darby on the bitterroot and I'm chomping at the bit to go pay him a long visit this spring.

    P.S. The best thing about golf is it keeps the crowds off the rivers......
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    Welcome back and we are looking forward to your fishing trip reports.
    Should be some very good fishing in your area.


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    SKWALA in last March early April. You need to pay close attention to the weather prior to going! If the water temperature is below 43 degrees, is slow fishing.Timing is very thing and you are gone on a phone call.
    Tight lines & release!

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    lol i live in montana and i only fish one river here....guess im missing a lot

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    Hello Mr russian and welcome

    Perhaps the site has change its name slightly?
    This is 'theflyfishingforum'
    There's also a 'flyfishingforum'
    Maybe that's what you're thinking about
    'Lotta 'steal heads' over there, I think
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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