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Thread: Foot vs Tiller

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    I recently picked up an older 19ft tri-hull which I'm rigging up for bass fishing on our local lakes. I've done this before with an old larson; however, that was back when I (primarily) gear fished for bass. This time I've built the front casting deck clear of hatches, fish finders, rod holders etc. that would tangle up the fly line.

    In the past I've used strictly foot operated electric trolling motors on the bow for scooting around the shore. I'm considering opting for the tiller control this time to keep the deck clean/clear of the foot pedal for the same reason I didn't put in hatches (tangling).

    I've not used a tiller model in the past and I wonder about the effeciency aspect of having to stop what I'm doing to steer the motor as opposed to the foot operated models where that's not an issue vs the tangle potential of the foot pedal.

    Has anybody had experience with the tiller models that can shed some insite? All opinions would be appreciated.......
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    I have the Motorguide bow mount on my McKee Craft and do a good bit of longrodding(conventional too, don't kill me) for stripes and bigmouths. They have a low profile foot pedal that I have yet to get caught on and you can get a key fob that you can stick anywhere. A tiller will be ackward to use from the front, unless you get the remote deal and that will be no where near as economical as the motorguide. Minn Kota makes one, but I am a motorguide fan. Boat sounds good. Good luck on your choice.

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    I have Minn Kota foot control (Cables on foot control) nd I had the troubles you mentioned. So I put a "tiller" style on the front. I then had the trouble of having to stop retrieves to grab the motor handle to make adjustments. It was particularly bad on windy days or in current. And my line still tended to get caught in it almost as much. I went back to the foot control. Now, when I;m fishing by myself, I pull up to a likely looking bit of cover, dropoff, whatever, drop an anchor, and fish it for a few minutes. Then I move to another spot.

    If you have a buddy to go along, then just take turns who controls the boat and who fishes.

    I haven't tried one of the models with the eletric foot control. They seem to be less bulky and might not be as big an issue.

    Or, go to a stripping basket. That would be a lot cheaper.
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