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    Are there any good books on Fly fishing and Fly tying? I just picked up the Orvis Fly fishing book and was looking for more recomendations with books and Dvds.

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    There is lots of good info out there. we need to know what you will be fish and tying for?? Saltwater, warm water or cold water fishing?? what area of the country will be fishing?? There are some really good helpful people here and will a little more info we can steer you in the right direction.

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    I will be fishing in New England mainly, Mass, Vermont, Ct. Warm and cold water.

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    Fly Rod Trouting was mentioned as a good book for small stream trout fishing. written by Ed Shenk, published by Stackpole. I'm not sure if it currently in print as I haven't started to look for it yet. This number was posted with it. I assume it's a publisher's number? 1SBN 0-8117-0553-6

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    Two books I think you might get a lot out of are
    Prospecting for Trout by Tom Rosenbauer
    The Trout and the Fly by John Goddard and Brian Clarke
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    There are dozens, if not hundreds of good books out there on Fly fishing & Fly tying I.E. "In the Ring of the rise" by Marinaro, "Caddisflies", LaFontain, "The Essential Flytyer", Leonard. These are all older books but are classics. Go to " Barnes & Noble or better yet your local library & check out what they have. Google youtube . there are a lot of flyfishing videos on there, Go To the Flyfishing show in Somerset NJ , there's a vendor there who has a very good selection of flyfishing books. There are a lot of DVD's that are specific to casting, Tying different types of flys, nymphing etc. so ck out the adds in Fly Tyer or Fly Fisherman Magazine & go from there
    Good Luck


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    The book that I use most as a reference (I'm a beginner) is "Fly-Tying Techniques & Patterns". No author listed but credits were given to John Van Vliet. The reason that I like this one is there are sections for each fly element. For example, there is a section on Bodies; Wings; Tails; etc. Then tails are broken down to show how to tie in a marabou tail; a biot tail; a hackle fiber tail; a hair tail. It's hard back for approx. $20.

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    All of these books cover a bunch of basic, proven patterns that will teach you different techniques, that you can then use to tie 100ís if not thousands of flies by looking at a pic and list of ingredients. Get a spiral bound copy if you can so it lies flat on the table next to you when tying. This books also cover tools and materials to some degree, and assume no prior tying experience.

    Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple by Skip Morris. Inexpensive, and for years the standard for trout flies. Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple: Skip Morris: Books

    Basic Fly Tying by Charlie Crave, This book covers the basics, but with a slight emphasis on newer fly patterns. The info is incredibly detailed, and Charlie provides very clear photos and instructions. His website Fly Tying Tutorials for beginners - - Fly Tying Instructions also has a series of tutorials. Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying: Charlie Craven: Books

    Benchside INTRODUCTION to Fly Tying by Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer. This book has an innovative layout with pages cut horizontally allowing you to flip to detailed info on different techniques on the bottom half, while viewing info for the specific pattern on top. Very well thought out. Donít confuse this book with the Benchside REFERENCE by the same authors. The REFERENCE is an excellent book on a bazillion techniques, but not geared towards beginners. The Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying: Ted Leeson; Jim Schollmeyer: Books

    I'm sure there are also a lot of other excellent choices, but any one of the above would be a good start.

    And "the google" is your friend. There are a ton of free on-line resources out there from casting and tying vids on You Tube, step by step tying instructions for different patterns, and info on fly fishing for specific species, tactics and techniques, on specific regions/bodies of water, and FF basics. This board is also a very friendly place so ask a way as questions come up. Lot's of very knowledgeable folks here that share their wisdom and experience. Browse some of the past threads too, they might answer some questions--- or give you new ones.


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    Quote Originally Posted by flyfisher45 View Post
    Are there any good books on Fly fishing and Fly tying? I just picked up the Orvis Fly fishing book and was looking for more recomendations with books and Dvds.


    "Fly Fishing by Tom McNally"

    Maybe I was culturally deprived but I only ever read one book on "How to" fly fishing. It is an old work, 1978 but I have found that every other "Newer" book is simply someone trying to say the same thing with different words.

    I am part of the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" generation. McNally's book discusses every aspect of fly fishing. I read it when it was hot off the press in 1978.

    McNally's book took me from the ranks of the hackers who carried both spin and fly gear and gave me the confidence to be a fly fisherman.

    You can find a used Hard Cover in good shape for under $10 and they are priceless. I've Lent mine out more times than I can remember.

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    I'll second what peregrines recommended: Skip Morris and Charlie Craven, also check out Charlie;s web site. He has a great selection of flies with detailed information on how to tie. Charlie's FlyBox - Colorado's Best FlyShop and online Fly Tying Tutorials

    And my personal favorite: Any book written by Dave Hughes.


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