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    Default Re: Shank/Articulated streamer storage

    Quote Originally Posted by Ard View Post
    Maybe I should do a video of tying a Dee Monkey Fly. They are simple, my style isn't fancy, I don't do 'composite loop dubbing' I tie like I fish, trying to make it easy as possible.

    There is a box of Pro Tube components sitting on the table right now, think on the order of $495.00 worth of components...

    I have a couple guys who are learning to tie them and fish 2 hand with me this year so I ordered enough to set each fella up with his own kit. These kits have only what they will need to tie things that I already know will work. The Pro Kits have too much stuff you don't need and not enough of what you do.

    It's a shame there aren't any shops that have tube classes where you live. Mossys in Anchorage does it but that's quite a drive I do it but like I said I'm pretty crude compared to pro tiers.

    If I do a video it will not be a 5 minute thing. I'm told that my video about how to fish streamers is too long... I don't get that. How the heck can I try to explain something that took me 25 years to figure out in 7 minutes or less? I have thought of doing some simple tube videos but there are so many already. It's actually a lot of putzing around for me to make a decent show then edit and upload. I may try....

    But the boxes are a good thing
    Maybe that's the problem Ard, I have that little "Intro kit" and it is just a bag with a bunch of sticks and little disc.....nothing explaining sh*t. I've seen a few videos but they don't really explain what's what and I like to have some sort of a plan and know what everything is for....maybe it is silly of me but I don't start building something without a set of prints.

    No classes I know of around here, there is just not enough interest. Maybe I should give these back and try the Canadian Tube guys or if you do a video that would be great.

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    Default Re: Shank/Articulated streamer storage

    Look for tube fly tying by April Vokey, I don't know how many there are or how many you'll have to watch to get some good stuff but I know she uses Pro Tube components a lot. I learned by tying, I'd been tying since I was a kid so the only challenge was learning how to finish the heads. I love 'em, no right or wrong way to make a fly if you use the 'tying in the round' approach like they do with Intruders.

    The Pro Tube / Pro Sportfisher are my thing because they are a one step tube not a tube + liner = etc. thing.

    I use almost 100% Micro Tubes with Drop Weights and I get the clear soft flexible extension tubing at Alaska Rubber Co. in Anchorage by the yard. Between the Willikinson Sunray - Dee Monkey variations and Dolly Lamma they pretty well round out my trout & steelhead ties. For big stuff like King And Silver Salmon flies I use the Flexi Tubes and make Intruder style patterns on them like the AK. Assassin and Pinky Purple.

    The tubes have simplified my fly tying and fishing a great deal.

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    Default Re: Shank/Articulated streamer storage

    Some one mentioned their big stuff being stored in a plastic bag, i have spied this more and more on YouTube .. i just saw Blain Chocolate doing a short video of him in the Amazon throwing 8" GC's and he was pulling them out of big 2 gallon heavy duty plastic bags and they had a bit of air in them. i dont know if this is so the feathers stay less squished down?

    Ive seen the guys in Sweden doing it too sometimes on their videos where they just have everything in big plastic bags. But a lot of this stuff is also unweighted i believe

    I personally use the Cliff bugger Box. its also helped me with the organization, and i love them

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    Default Re: Shank/Articulated streamer storage

    I got a Plan D for my bigger articulated flies for Christmas. I haven't even had it on the water yet and I'm already in love with it. Feels very sturdy and well made. Not cheap and flimsy. I will be getting more.

    For tube flies, I pretty much do the same thing as Ard.

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    Default Re: Shank/Articulated streamer storage

    I like the idea of the plan D boxes but they are too big. I also am using a zip lock lunch bag or a small fly box 1” deep and pack enough for the day.

    I have a fishing pack with a plano box and my main storage is in there. Generally in a small box I can carry more shanks and tubes that I can fish in a day for Steelhead that don’t bite anyway.

    I should add that I’m traveling light these days and breaking up my day.

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    small piece of plastic tubing over the hooks, and throw them in whatever size heavy weight ziplock you have in the drawer at home. used to use cliff's bugger beast box, but it takes up way too much room in a vest/sling if you're wading, and not throwing streamers 100% of the time
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    Default Re: Shank/Articulated streamer storage

    I've got Plan D boxes for both shanks and tube flies, and they're very good. But, as others have pointed out, they're a bit big for a wader pocket. If I'm fishing tubes or shanks I just put 3 or 4 in an old aluminum cigar tube and carry that. I can keep a few bare hooks clipped in the small fly box that does fit in my wader pocket.

    I've used ziploc bags, but they just don't last and become a mess when you put wet flies in them.


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    Default Re: Shank/Articulated streamer storage

    I picked up a Plan D Pocket Max today. I plan to tie up some mini intruders and this should work nicely. They get some of the highest marks of boxes I’ve seen in recent years. I’m tired of them getting all knotted up with what I’m using now.

    I was bouncing my decision on it or the Pack model.... but they are just too big. Great for a lot of large articulated flies.....

    The tube fly model seems great too.

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    Default Re: Shank/Articulated streamer storage

    I have lately switched over to these for my bigger streamers. I do use a sling pack however, so fitting in the small one is not a problem

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