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Thread: LL Bean Boots

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    Default LL Bean Boots

    Just got the new LL Bean fishing catalog and saw the new riverkeeper boots. I know LL Bean makes a good boot and was wondering if any one had any opinion on the Riverkeeper Wading Boots?

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    Excellant boot.....go felt bottom

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    Default Re: LL Bean Boots

    I think that those boots only come with the rubber sole.

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    Default Re: LL Bean Boots

    Hi flyfisher45,

    I got the same catalog and Bean has some good looking boots. I have not used one but I bet they are a winner. If you are fishing for trout I would not get the felt soles.


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    Default Re: LL Bean Boots

    I believe that I'm going to be fishing for trout primarily. If I went with these boots would you recomend getting the ones with the cleats on the soles?

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    Default Re: LL Bean Boots

    I tried with and without studs. I've settled on using studs. It feels more secure for the waters I fish, and way better on slippery banks.

    Keep in mind there's a group trying to outlaw felt soles. Even Simms won't be making felt soles for 2010 anymore. If I was buying new boots right now. I'd think hard about buying felt.

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    Default Re: LL Bean Boots

    I picked up a pair of LL Bean's Ultralite II Aquastealth boots with the studs & love them. I replaced a pair of Chota's with them & they are just as good, if not better. They don't get stiff like the Chota's did & they're a lot lighter with plenty of support. As far as traction I would go with the studs for that extra safety factor unless you plan on taking a float trip, guides don't like studded boots in their boats. More & more people are getting away from the felts because they're worried about carrying stuff from watershed to watershed. I would definitly go for aquastealth at least.

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    Default Re: LL Bean Boots

    Was looking at my new catalog from LL Bean think i'll go with the River keeper boots.

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    Hello flyfisher45, I have an older model LL Bean wading boot with the non-studded Aquastealth sole and though I really like them and have used them a lot, at the first sign of rock snot, I put them away unless I feel like risking my life falling down or going for swims in ice water. My .02, but if I had it to do over again I'd have spent the extra for the studs.



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    I think I will pay extra for the studs. I will have enough to worry about with casting. Don't need to add slipping to the list as well.

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