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Thread: Outdoor Writers

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    After a few months of posting short stories on my blog, I have gained the utmost respect for accomplished outdoor writers.

    To that end...

    I am putting together a website dedicated to the art of outdoor writing. I see numerous posts here of others (like me) who enjoy telling stories and sharing experiences.

    I know there are other sites out there that cover the same ground, but everyone needs a hobby, right?

    In any event, I'm looking for individuals who share this passion to write -whether it's fly fishing, bird hunting, dogs, brothers, dads, etc...

    My goal is to build a community of writers who can, as a group, help all members improve their story telling skills.

    Oh yeah- I want to add quality photography to the submissions as well... and that may be a community in itself.

    If anyone is interested in contributing through written or photographic contribution, drop me a line, and I'll give you more information.

    Thank You,

    Jeff Certain

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    I'd like to swap some tales.


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