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  1. Default your opinion on expensive reels?

    I have been using an okuma reel that was only $45. I land 20-23 inch fish almost every outing on the San Juan. The reel does fine and the fish that get off are mostly broken tippet or spit hook. Do you guys that have more money to spend on equipment find that spending good money on reels makes any difference. I know that a good drag is important on big fish but I see these reels that are several hundred dollars and wonder what they could possibly do thats any better. After all in fly fishing the reel just holds your line 95% of the time.
    Anyways Im thinking of getting a good real thats lighter and balances better but I wont spend too much

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    Default Re: your opinion on expensive reels?

    More expensive reels have better materials, are usually lighter, and usually have better smoother drags. I don't think you need a real expensive reel unless you have more money than you know what to do with.

    One example of a good deal is the Lamson Konic. It's heavier that the higher end Lamsons and it's cast instead of forged, but the good part is it has the same drag as the expensive Lamsons, and it's the most important part in fighting a big fish.

    Just one example. There's others.

  3. Default Re: your opinion on expensive reels?

    Do these reels have good warrantys, My rod is lifetime, st.croix and it was under $300

  4. Default Re: your opinion on expensive reels?

    I use to feel the same way. I still wont spend 500 or 700 on a reel, but yes the better reels are worth the money. I use to fight fish with line in hand and still do on small ones, but after buying better reels I have found getting them on the reel is much better, if the drag is set right, and by bigger I mean like 2 lbs and up. Also the better reels last longer and are also lighter, wich means less fatige ihn casting. Like a coupe have said on here its all in what you like. For me I have found the middle of the road gear does great, last longer, cast better and is more of a joy to use, weather its reels, rods, lines or what ever. Most of my gear nowdays cost around 150-400 on rods and 100-300 on reels. Another thing to keep in mind is this time of year alot of companiesare putting things on clearance, so its a good time to pick up gear at great prices.
    Good Luck Bear

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    Default Re: your opinion on expensive reels?


    I'm not sure how much money qualifies as expensive. I once paid $300 for a new in the box 1970 Hardy St. George 3.75" and I thought that was a bunch. Truth is I never really cared for that reel and eventually sold it.

    Today after years of experience with reels I buy used if I want the ones that sell over 3 or 4 hundred. You gotta watch out for nick's and scuffs and try to find ones that have been taken care of but the after market offers the frugal angler the chance to fish like the big dogs. Don't get caught up in a bidding war on eBay, remember you are trying to buy a silk purse for the price of a sows ear.

    What's the moral of the story? I think expensive reels are great as long as I don't have to pay too much for them.


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    Default Re: your opinion on expensive reels?

    I got the impression he wanted a warranty.

  7. Default Re: your opinion on expensive reels?

    Ard does bring up a good point, watch yard sales and estate sales, my dad picked up a cabelas bamboo three piece with two tips, still in the cloth bag and metal tube for 30 bucks, had not set in the tip no varnish wear, it was MINT. If you find a used reel with a cork drag open it up and make sure the cork isnt smashed down or breaking apart. With these drags you should back the drag nobe off a turn when not in use and alot of folks dont know that. With click prawl drags make sure the prawls arent broke or cracked, also look the spool over and make sure it isnt warped thats a problem I have ran into with used reels.
    One Last thing if you run across an Able with the brook trout paint job, for under 100, buy it and call me LOL

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    Default Re: your opinion on expensive reels?

    Another approach is to watch EBay. I bought an Orvis TLS 9 ft, 4 piece, 5 wt rod and a Lamson Lightspeed reel, both were used but in great shape. Paid about half price off new. While in Alaska, I fished salmon for years with an Orvis 9 ft 2 piece, 8 wt rod and a Battenkill reel. That reel took a beating, finally the click drag failed and I think I fished with it another three years with no drag at all, I just got used to palming the reel. I have to say the drag on the Lamson reels is top notch, but I won't pay $300 for one.


  9. Default Re: your opinion on expensive reels?

    Another thing is check out
    They have some great deals on lamson and orvis reels right now.

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    Default Re: your opinion on expensive reels?

    I forgot!

    That was an old Steve Martin line wasn't it? Anyway eBay is my haunt when I'm in the market for a reel.

    About the warranty, what the hay I forgot that too. If they are the good stuff there isn't much to go wrong.

    I would stay away from the DXR Anti Reverse Orvis reels they were made by both Ross and Lamson at different times for Orvis. I have had two and problems with both. Too much to go wrong.

    Make it a KISS reel and you'll be better off.

    This guy is probably looking at all these answers and wondering if I'm purposely trying to be confusing.

    Just call me Bullwinkle J. Moose, remember him? Mister know it all from Rocky and Bullwinkle.

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