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Thread: Fishy Behavior

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    Default Fishy Behavior

    I'm not sure how many of you have noticed this; or if anyone else has noticed this, but I thought I'd post it to see if I'm the only one observing it or not.

    Sometimes when I hook a trout (doesn't seem to matter what variety of trout it is) in a pool where there are a large number of other trout, I find that the hooked fish is "shadowed" by up to half a dozen or more other fish, as it runs, tires, runs again, etc. while hooked. The behavior of the shadowing group is almost exactly like the behavior of the hooked fish; in terms of speed in the water, directional changes, etc. I wonder, what is going on here (?) Are the other fish simply curious / spooked or is there some form of communication / support going on here (?)

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Fishy Behavior

    Hi Pocono
    I've noticed this behavior too, but mostly with hatchery fish & guessed they're used to following the leader. They might be just reacting to erratic movement.Then again I've caught female shad & have had 2-3 males follow them in. Possibly it's the same with trout also.

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    Default Re: Fishy Behavior


    I'm going with the pack mentality of hatchery reared fish. I've seen wild fish do it but they too are pack fish like silver salmon.

    I've also seen fish chase another fish after it grabs some form of prey just like chickens do when one grabs a big juicy bug while free range feeding. I gotta add that I've seen wild turkey exhibit the same behavior also. Once I watched as a fair sized gobbler snatched up a small snake (what kind I don't know) and he had to run like a purse snatcher to protect his find. Yes, the turkey ate the snake!

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    I have seen this with smallmouth bass, as well as largemouth and spotted bass, bluegill and even crappie as well as trout, my thought is they are hopeing to get a piece of that cake. I cuaght a bass a few years back with a minnow style crankbait, about three foot from the boat another bass ran up and grabbed the back of the bait and got hooked also. I dont know if diffrent species do it for diffrent reasons or what.

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    Default Re: Fishy Behavior

    Hi to all,

    If you are fishing a pool or other water that holds a lot of fish then there is competition for food. I think the other fish are assuming a fish going crazy in their pool must be chasing food. The other fish then join in hoping for a share. This would be particularly true if there are bait fish in the water. Thats my guess.


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    I'd agree with Frank on this.
    The head, the tail, the whole damn thing

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    Default Re: Fishy Behavior

    I see it all the time with striped bass
    They're competing for a easy meal

    Just like seagulls on the beach
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