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    Default Great Lakes Steelhead flyreels?

    I have an old Aurora Trillium TD2 flyreel on my custom 7wt flyrod.
    I think the new Orvis Vortex VO2 would be another beauty.
    How 'bout y'all? What's your fave?

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    i love my tfo

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    Default Re: Great Lakes Steelhead flyreels?


    Check out the Lamson Velocity 3 - 3.5 reels.

    Affordable and big enough to hold some backing if you want to use it for Kings also. Not that a steelhead wont get into your dacron but you know what I mean.

    I bought a 3.5 for use here. The Orvis Vortex would be fine as long as it's big enough. I used to fish for Kings in Ontario and its tributaries, those fish get big and will act just as crazy as an Alaskan will.

    Just get a big enough gun buddy, what ever brand it is size matters.


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    Default Re: Great Lakes Steelhead flyreels?

    OMG Hardy, what I'd give to fish a Kenai River tributary!

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