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    Default Customer Disservice at Orvis

    For Christmas my wife got me a pair of Orvis warm water wading shoes from Orvis. Actually, I ordered them over the internet. When Orvis charged me sales tax, I emailed them that Minnesota does not have sales tax on clothing. They emailed me back that because they had a fly shop named Bentley's in the state, they had to charge me sales tax. I emailed them back that Bentley's had closed three months ago, and anyway MN does not charge sales tax on clothing. They emailed me back that they had a dog training facility in MN and had to charge me sales tax. I emailed them back that MN still didn't charge sales tax on clothing. They emailed me back that boots weren't clothing. I called on the phone and was told, "That's just the way we do it at Orvis."

    The boots seemed to be of good quality, but didn't fit. I felt jumping a size would make them too large, so I returned the boots along with an exchange order for a pair of pants.

    Orvis charged my credit card for the pants, but didn't credit me for the boots. And again I was charged sales tax. I called them about the charges. The man I talked with said that they were probably working on the credit. I suggested that they should have only charged me for the difference. He said, "That's just the way we do it at Orvis."

    I said that I should not have been charged sales tax on the pants because there's no sales tax on clothing in Minesota. He said I should apply to the state for a refund. And oh yeah, "That's just the way we do it at Orvis."

    Now Orvis has about $220 of my money. I haven't received either the pants or the credit, but I expect that eventually I will. I'm not going to apply to the state for a tax refund...just to much paper work for $7.44.

    Orvis is an excellent marketing company. Good brand name and this year's pot lamps are lovely. But they're hit or miss on fly fishing equipment, and they'll charge you sales tax other internet marketers won't (think 7% on a $700 rod!) even on clothing in Minnesota.
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    Default Re: Customer Disservice at Orvis

    Mr 'Gator
    I know you're not laughing.....but this is pretty funny
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    Default Re: Customer Disservice at Orvis

    Maybe it's this economy but they hit me for a repair fee $16.88 on a DXR anti reverse whose drag crapped out on me last fall. I sold the reel. Otherwise they have been good on both reels and rods for me.

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    Default Re: Customer Disservice at Orvis

    Some retail operations operate their catalog business as a separate entity. I wonder if that's the case here with Orvis. Usually service in their shops is very customer focused. I don't mean this to be an excuse, but a lot of times the catalog side of some retail operations doesn't have its act together, and have phone reps that are clueless or indifferent... which sounds like that's the case here.

    When ordering fishing stuff starts to be like you're dealing with an HMO something is very wrong.

    Hope you get this resolved.


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    Default Re: Customer Disservice at Orvis

    Best to shop in troubles then..
    -Fish 'til ya Drop!-

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    Default Re: Customer Disservice at Orvis

    Hmmmmm....One of my Orvis reel handles didn't seem to molded quite
    right, so I called Orvis customer service to ask for another handle. They
    said they would mail one out free of charge. UPS dropped off a huge Orvis
    shipping bag today. Inside was another bubble wrap bag, and that contained
    a tiny envelope with the handle ! They also included a catalog and invoice.
    If I had to pay for the handle, I think it would have been around $12! I just
    threw away the invoice, but it was something like $7 for shipping, $5 for the
    handle, tax charges, and some other charge I think(???). They listed all
    the charges, and then credited them all back on the invoice .

    I ordered some stuff from Cabelas a couple years ago, and they didn't charge
    sales tax, eventhough there is a Cabelas in Pennsylvania. I saved quite a
    bit, since it was a large order. I ordered some hooks and small tying items
    this past year, and they did charge tax. I dunno.............

    *** Call your credit card company, and complain that they charges were
    calculated incorrectly. They side with the consumer in most cases.

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