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    Default Re: For Streamer Fishers.........

    I've been noodling on this for bit. What I perceive to be the "big take away" from this is:

    You are adding in an additional time element by casting upstream. This additional time allows our fly delivery system to get deeper.

    I hope I explain this correctly:

    We are standing in the middle of the river, facing the bank (call this 12 on a clock face), the river is flowing from our left to our right.

    When I cast straight across toward 12, the current will take my fly delivery system and it will get down to "x" depth. When I want to go for a shallower drift, then I cast to 1 or 2 on the clock face. To get deeper than "x" I would cast to 10 or 11 on the clock face, thus allowing the current more time to get the fly delivery system deeper.


    Am I on the right track? I'm thinking that makes sense.

    Thanks for letting me ramble.



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    Default Re: For Streamer Fishers.........

    Allow me to share some first hand experience. About 12 is desired. You can get by with 11. If you cast to 9 or 10 I hope you are not using one of Ard's traditional streamers. First you hear the moan, you know the look on his face so you just try to avoid eye contact. A few seconds later you are hung. He'll probably go retrieve it for you because he is nine feet tall and wades where a normal man would drown. You can offer to just pay for the fly and break it off...... no, that won't work. You just lost a meticulously tied traditional streamer. We can not buy our way out of things like this.

    Just cast to about 12 and start the mending motion even slightly before the fly has hit the water. You'll still be almost late with the first mend. That will get you down just fine after a couple mends.

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