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    I've got a 6wt White River Two Seventy rod/reel. The rod is great but I'm having issues with the drag on the reel when it gets wet. It starts to stick. Does anyone have any experience with a reel like this. Is there anything I can do to stop this? (besides keeping it dry) Thanks in advance.

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    Return it & upgrade.
    -Fish 'til ya Drop!-

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    Check your owner's manual and make sure the reel is properly/adequately greased.

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    Owners manual just shows exploded parts view. Talked to salesman today and he's going to check into it for me. I've found customer reviews where they were having the same issues when it gets flaw I guess. If there isn't a'll be going back.

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    BPS couldn't come up with a fix so I took it back. Manager didn't want to give money back so he gave me a new reel. 30 minutes of fishing and it was locking up just like the first one. Found lots of reviews where others had same issues. Took it back and they gave my money back. You would think for $210 the reel would be able to handle a little bit of water.

    PS - The Two Seventy rod is a really great rod but stay away from the reels.

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