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Thread: fly fishing a crankbait?

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    Default Re: fly fishing a crankbait?

    I think after reading my orginal post and the comments, prople are getting confused. When I said "fish crankbaits with my ultra ultra light", that is a spinning rod. Just wanted to clear that up. I am not looking for info to do this, just wondering if anyone here has.

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    Default Re: fly fishing a crankbait?

    Hey Guys,

    Guess I'm a purest. I hold this as the one thing in life that I never gave up on and I'm darn defensive of it. I have quit jobs, marriage, and anything else that you can give up on or quit but I LOVE my fly fishing and I don't take kindly to people who (in my eyes) diminish this thing that I love.

    I did fish for small mouth with shiners but I had a ten foot Zebco spinning rod and a shimano spirex reel. I really enjoyed fishing bass like that and it was more productive than woolly buggers by about a 20 / 1 ratio.

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    I saw a fly fishing bass tournement where some of the contestants fished it the same as if they were using casting equipment. They had fly rods and reels but everything else was like a casting rig. The rules did not specify how the rods needed to be set up. All the money winners were bass fisherman with their rigs. It was not against the rules so they won fair and square. However, the fly fishing club has changed the rules after that experience. To answer your question I agree with everybody else, it is not fly fishing. I feel that it is also against the spirit of fly fishing.

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    As a former bass tournament fisherman I can honestly say that putting a #5 Rapala on the end of your fly line is NOT fly fishing. One of the definitions of fly fishing is that the weight of the line is used to cast the lighter fly. With crankbaits it is the weight of the lure that is doing the work during casting.

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    Default Re: fly fishing a crankbait?

    I use this Orvis Gulley Fish with great success for largemouths here in North Carolina. Great action. Fly weight. Typically throw it with a 6wt and 1X or 10lb leader.


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    How 'bout the old flyrod Flatfish lure?
    -Fish 'til ya Drop!-

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    Quote Originally Posted by rowdy View Post
    How 'bout the old flyrod Flatfish lure?
    Could be thats why they are "old" and not made any more, didnt go over well with flyfishermen or ladies.

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    And NOT to fuel the fire, but how many bass fly fishing folks would use a balsa or cork popper and not a fly rod hullapopper?
    Just somthing that poped in my head when I read about the flatfish fly lure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksbrowntrout2 View Post
    ya really doesnt seem like fly fishing to me either......but, if you fished it that way with good success, its about catching fish....
    Ahhhh!!! But grasshopper, fly fishing is not all about catching fish is it?
    The head, the tail, the whole damn thing

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    Default Re: fly fishing a crankbait?

    Fly Fishing has many forms. As in Archery you can use a basic longbow or the latest Compound or even crossbow.
    My point is a Purist will desire the Bamboo rod & horse-hair line.
    The modernist will have the graphite rod & largest arbor reel.
    It's YOUR choice what gear you enjoy to use & what tidbit you affix to the end of your tippet.
    Let us all FISH together in this grand fellowship with peace & joy..
    -Fish 'til ya Drop!-

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