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Thread: Toothy critter

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    OK, I am gonna try my hand at pike, pickeral, and other toothy fish this year so being teh good gear head I am I went out and picked up some stuff. One thing I got was some cortland toothy critter stanless leader material. How do you add tgis to your mono leader? It says conventional knotes work fine, but has any one used this stuff and have any tips?

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    Hi Bear,

    I have provided a picture so other members will know what type of wire you are asking about.

    The best way that I know is to use an Albright knot.

    1. Make a loop in the end of your leader. It can be a Non-slip Mono Knot or a double or triple Surgeon's knot. Make sure you are using a heavy enough leader tippet.

    2. Take your wire and tie an Albright knot on the mono loop. Use a keeper knot on the tag end of the wire. I would add a dab of glue to the keeper knot. Make sure that the wraps in the Albright don't cross each other. You won't need as many wraps as you would when tyeing an Albright knot in mono

    You could also make a loop in the wire using a metal crimp. This would be done at home. Make up several bite leaders with the loop crimped in one end. Then on the stream you can tie your leader to the wire loop using an Albright knot. You can tie your fly on with a figure 8 or a Uni knot

    You can find how to tie an Albright here. FAQ

    I would experiment until you find a method that works best for you.


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    thanks Frank that does help

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    Although I've never used this brand, I'm familiar with the knotable wire
    The knotable wire is so much easier to deal with than solid stainless or the multi strand coated.
    The advantage of it is there's no need for crimps or even special knots like an Albright Special or the haywire twist
    You can use an Albright to loop connection if you want, but you can use any other loop that you normally prefer like a perfection or a surgeon's...
    If you'd rather, you can even tie the knotable wire straight to your leader tippet with a double surgeon's knot.

    Tie the knotable wire to your hook with your favorite knot, be it a clinch, a non slip loop or what ever.
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