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Thread: New Waders

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    Hi there, this is my first post, and i want to get some thoughts on buying new chest waders. I have always had neoprene but need lighter breathable. I live in Ireland where we have a lack of tackle suppliers so i will be purchasing online. I am thinking about spending between 200-300 dollars but there is just so much choice out there. I was leaning towards Orvis but they seem a bit baggy on some photos on the web site. Should i invest and spend more?


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    I have Orvis waders, an average build, and am happy with the fit. I like them. In that price range I would say go with Orvis or Simms.

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    The thoughts of a hillbilly for what its worth
    You can get a great pair for that kind of money, no need to spend more.
    Me, my wife , and son all wear cabelas waders that we paid like 100 for each pair, wear them ALOT all year long over a year now and no problems. Orvis has great stuff also. Go with soemthing baggy, at least a little, that way if you need to add a layer of clothing you'll have pleanty of room. I wear my breathable's all year even when its in the 20's and 30's, they dont weigh me down like my neo's do and with a set of long underwear and fleece wadeing pants I sat warm all day. Now if I could just figure out a way to keep my damn finger tips warm with those fingerless gloves LOL

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    I've had good luck with LL Bean stuff. I have a pair of their Wicked tough waders & I'll put them up against anything of comparable $. If you are not happy with LL Bean stuff for any reason or have any type of problem with them they will take them back.

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    I have the Orvis Tailwater breathable chest waders that are in your price range. I had the Silver Lable waders but the fit of the stocking foot was way off for me but I wore them anyway. To make a long story short, Orvis took back the used waders and put me in some Tailwaters, much better fit, for the difference in price between the 2 models. Can't beat thier customer service.
    I'm quite happy with the waders but they are on the heavy side, they do get kind of warm through the summer months.
    Hope that helps,

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    Welcome to the board, glad you joined us. What do you fish for over there?

    As far as waders go, you've gotten great advice. Look carefully at the guarantee/warranty before you buy- even the best ones for big bucks can spring a leak at the seams eventually. Knowing that you can always return them for repair or replacement should be something you look for--- even if it will involve a long wait from Ireland. I know LL Bean stands behind their products and imagine the same is true for Orvis and Cabelas. Personally I find it hard to justify spending a ton of money on waders-- that's why God made rods and reels.

    Not sure of the guarantee/warranty or availability over there, but I have a pair of breathable boot foot waders (for fishing surf on sandy beaches, otherwise I'd recommend stocking foot plus wading shoes for everything else) from Snowbee that have held up well.... Perhaps they're more common (and less expensive if you can avoid shipping costs from the US) over there?

    Good luck, and again, welcome to the board.


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    You will notice a huge difference between your old neoprene waders and the new light weight breathable waders. First off the breathable waders will not fit like your old neoprene's. They don't have the stretch in them that neoprene does and they will all feel baggy in comparison. You want to have the room in the breathable waders so that you can add layers for warmth and have room to step over logs, fences and other objects. If the waders fit to tight you will put stress on the seams, which will lead to leaks in the seams.
    The one downside to breathable waders is that they are not as tough as neoprene and they will not last as long. You should really look at where you fish and decide on how much durability you will need, such as extra knee reinforcement if you are kneeling a lot, butt reinforcement if you are in a boat a lot.
    I personally have worn a lot of different brands and have not found one that has lasted as long as my old neoprene's, this is not all bad however because the stench that used to accumulate in my old neoprene waders was horrid.
    I personally have had great luck with the Simms waders but they are going to be on the high end of your price list and even higher to get into their top end waders. I also have had good luck with the Dan Bailey waders which are much more within your price range. I have used both their bare bones ($129)waders and their lightweight ($199) waders. I got the same amount of use out of both pairs so I would suggest spending less and buying the Bare bones because you should get just as much use out of them for less money. Good luck with your choices and just use a little more caution with your new breathable waders than you did with the old neoprene waders.

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    Great advice!

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    I have a pair of Columbia chest waders and they're not bad. My friend who's been fishing for 20 years has been through many pairs of waders (got mine form him) and he said his favorite is the Orvis tailwaters.

    I bought my dad some Orvis Clearwaters but he hasn't used them yet; tried them on though and they fit well. You can select a lot of different options in sizes to make Orvis waders fit well.

    Also, the Orvis guarantee is that if you're not 100% satisfied, whether it be the fit or a failure in the product, they'll exchange or refund your money. Can't beat that.

    Btw: Clearwaters were $100 bucks last I checked.

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    Hi fishfinder27,

    I almost forgot, welcome to the forum.

    Choosing waders is a hard enough ordeal when you live in the States. It will be even harder from Ireland. You need to buy the best you can afford.

    The most breather waders are those that use Gor-Tex. I had a test on the breathabilaty of waders and the Simms was the best by quite a bite. That test is a few years old and new waders may be better now. Besides the breathabilty of Gor-Tex you are assure that the construction is good. Gor-Tex license companys who use their technology and they must meet Gor-Tex's standards for construction. I don't think I would buy any wader that is made in China.

    Most waders are made over seas and they use a membrane construction but the quality may be questionable. Waders are one item that as you pay more money you get more advantages such as better breathabilty or multiple layers of material. Many wader makers use multiple layers of material to increase the toughness of the wader. For instance less costly waders may have three layers of material in the legs. A higher priced wader from the same maker may have five layers of material.

    I don't think that anybody will disagree that Simms has a great product and they stand behind everything they sell. I can recommend them very highly. They are not cheap but to many people they are worth it. They are made in the USA.

    So to summarize. Buy Gor-Tex and spend the most you can afford. It will reward you with good service.


    Here are some to consider:

    Simms L2 Gor-Tex 3 layer construction with reinforced knees.

    Simms Rivershed Stockingfoot 3 layer with 5 layer front legs.

    Simms Headwaters 3 layer with reinforced front legs and articulated knees.

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