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Thread: Global warming!

  1. Default Global warming!

    We had a GLOBAL WARMING! Conference held here yesterday and HUNDREDS showed up!

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    I hope you didn't spend the day making those but on a serious note, if Global warming happens to be true then all you trout and salmon fisherman should look out.

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    Thanks for the good laugh!!!

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    Joni: That was good!

    We got our share of global warming yesterday in the form of 12" of new snow.


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    That's a good one Joni.

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    We've had some of the coldest weather here in 10 years

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    The weather in Mass is the coldest we've had in a few yrs. Supposed to be getting another 10" of snow on wed.

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    My grandpa told me the other day while i was fishing that this is one of three times he's seen it snow so much. should be a good year, hopefully flush out the rivers like it did last year making it better.

    Joni that was very funny, I got a good laugh out of it.

    "I have a river runs through it on blue ray, so yeah, I guess you could say I know a thing or two about fly fishing."

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    HAHA thats good,,,,, we are getting ours tonight into wendsday with an inch of ICE EEEWWWWW

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    People in New England are complaining of how much snow we are getting. Hopefully with all the snow it will help all the rivers and streams in the spring.

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