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  1. Default Best caddis fly pattern ???

    Good Day All,

    I have been tying flies for a long time & I continually am coming across many different patterns for caddis. I know that there are several stages to a caddis's life & each pattern tries to mimick that particular stage & that they can be of different colors. Here in SW Michigan I have heard of three variations in color, light to olive green, cinnamon & black that roam our rivers.

    However, which pattern do you favor best ? What type & size hook do you prefer ? How about color ? Do you add a bead for a head for nymphing ?

    On Tuesday I came across one that I really like. It is from Jack Gartside. In fact, I got onto this pattern from reading his article posted on the home page.
    It is called the "CPF Caddis" & is so simple to tie & most likely will be fished regularly by me for hungry Michigan trout. ( Check out his website : )

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    Default Re: Best caddis fly pattern ???

    I've noticed that one before as well and meant to give it a fling but haven't yet. My preferences in caddis paterns show me to be a LaFontainophile I suppose, but they have served me well. I fish the Emergent Sparkle Pupa often, as well as his Diving Caddis and a wet version of it. The Diving Caddis has dry fly hackle and a slender dry-fly-style body, my wet version uses soft hackle and buggier picked out dubbing.

    I also like Green Kaufmann's Stimulator in a 16 and 18 as a dry caddis pattern, but don't often put myself through the labors of tying it. An ESP behind a high floating dry is one of my favorite combo's to fish during summer in the Rockies. Now if i can just get to the Rockies more often....

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    rainbows love those sparkle pupas, I often fish them dry as well, I have to say that its a pretty versitile fly and ohh so easy to tie

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