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    Default Re: Organizing your fly box

    I had to look thru my photo's. This is one example. It's shad flies, but I use some of the same flies for panfish species. Not really organized in any specific manner, except I try to keep the same patterns together and also try not to place similar colors but different patterns together. These are all easy to see.

    Here's another example. All Buggers, different colors, primarily all the same size, or maybe two sizes.

    Third example. One of my boat boxes. Mostly streamers, but there's a variety and a few surface flies in there as well.
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    Default Re: Organizing your fly box

    Mine is easy. I only fish dries. I carry just one box. I have enough in it to cover the rivers and creeks I fish. Simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old timer View Post
    Mine is easy. I only fish dries. I carry just one box. I have enough in it to cover the rivers and creeks I fish. Simple.
    Ask Santa for a few dozen #18 red zebra midges and drop them 12-18" off the shank of your dries. I guarantee you will catch more fish on the nymphs.

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    Default Re: Organizing your fly box

    No thanks.

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    Default Re: Organizing your fly box

    Organizing your fly box / Any advice/criticism would be welcome!

    I have no advice or critiscism, only envy for the years of fun you're going to have building up your fly inventory and for all the places you and they will go.

    Enjoy, Dave

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    Default Re: Organizing your fly box

    Quote Originally Posted by r reese View Post
    To each his own but I like you, want mine separated by fly. After 30 years of fishing know what I'm looking for. Grouped by fly. I do categorize by 2 boxes. Dry and then all else.
    Thanks... glad to know Iím not the only one!

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    Default Re: Organizing your fly box

    Quote Originally Posted by dcfoster View Post
    I was wondering if someone could let me know if this was a bad ideaÖ I was trying to organize my fly box according to species instead of flight type i.e. dry, nymphs, emerger etc.. Below is an example of one of my boxes for my caddis flies. I have dry flies, emergers, and wet flies and a few small nymphs.

    I heard a few talks about how trout many times will take an emerger, nymph or an imitation of a spent spinner instead of the dry. So to be ready for all possible options I decided to put them all in one box so that way if thereís a Caddis hatch Iím ready for anything.

    Any advice/criticism would be welcome!

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    I put my Caddis boxes together based on the progression of a Caddis Hatch, the geographic location and time of year - Larva, Pupa, Emerger, Cripple, Dry (on surface film), Diving & Spent Caddis. This book will assist in developing the patterns to cover a specific hatch:

    ... and a hatch chart for a specific locale is definitely helpful:

    Over the course of time, I have put together almost all of the above species, in the varying stages of the hatch, and in the differing sizes to cover the Yellowstone area. Then there are these guys which, in the deep and emergent versions, cover a lot of territory and are probably the best Caddis patterns ever designed:

    I generally use slotted fly boxes for larva and pupa and compartment boxes for everything else. I like the Wheatley duo boxes (slotted/compartment) for some Caddis patterns that I tie:

    I usually apply the same principles for Mayflies, Stonefles and Midges...

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    Default Re: Organizing your fly box

    Quote Originally Posted by TwoThumbsUp View Post
    ^^^^^ This ^^^^

    There's no use in me even trying.
    Myself as well. Half the fun is trying to find the fly I want and then trying to disengage it from the other flys it's tangled up with..

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    Default Re: Organizing your fly box

    One of the age old questions. Most of us, If we are honest will admit to too many flies and too many fly boxes. I have searched for this answer for some time. I have settled on one box per river or drainage (for the most part). My boxes are river dedicated and as such, flies are repeated in many boxes. Therefore, I never have the "nymph box with 50 zebra midges" for example. I have learned that I do not lose many flies and for that reason I do not need "life cycle" type boxes with fifty repeated flies. Sure those boxes look good but they usually have flies that I will never use for that river so I ended up carrying too many boxes. I also have developed an affinity/disdain for certain flies or materials that have allowed me to "thin the herd" if you will. For example, I Probably carry 1/4 the total number of bead heads than other anglers with 20+ years experience. The extra weight from the bead is not worth the disadvantage of use. In my opinion.
    I should also say that at this point in my "fishing career" I am taking a minimalist approach to the sport so this way of organizing may seem dumb to you.

    River Boxes:
    #1: "Grey Reef:" All the Nymphs I would use on the Lower North Platte Wyo Bighorn an Wyo Green. Includes some small dries.
    #2: "Deckers:" General tail water nymph box. The Old South Platte was the genesis for this box but I rarely fish there anymore. Includes small dry flies. Big Thompson etc...etc...
    #3 "Soda Butte" for the most part a "Hopper-Copper-Dropper/ box so I can dry ,nymph or HCD out of this box on many different rivers. I also call this my "July Box." Upper North Platte, Clear Creek, YSNP....
    #4: "San Juan:" from #10 leaches to the REALLY small stuff. Including the smallest "no see 'em dries. Pretty much only used on SJ.

    Non river boxes:
    #5: "Junk:" Self explanatory. I am not a purist, this box is on me almost all of the time
    #7: "Terrestrials": again self explanatory. Many of these patterns are in my HCD box. This box is just expanded. Very seldom do I get the chance to ONLY us this box, but those are great days when I do.
    #8: "Streamers:" Kind of an exception to my rule (there always is) I have two of these. One Large for streamer fishing and/or fishing from my boat. The other smaller box works in conjunction with box #1
    #9: "Mayflies:" Always a "Wheatly style" box same as #8 in usage: Seldom do I get to use exclusively but awesome when I do.

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    Default Re: Organizing your fly box

    I mostly fish dries and so that is what is in most of my boxes. I do have one or two nymph boxes and a large and small streamer box and those all tend to be pretty generic. My dries are mostly by size and species. So I have a box with parachute mayflies in size 18 and below. I have a caddis box, a hopper box and a stimulator box with humpies and irrestibles and larger caddis. And I have a stonefly box that is mostly yellow sallies and golden stones but has a few large dries for the odd times I run into a decent hatch of them. I only bring what is appropriate for the stream/river I am going to fish. I do tend to lose a lot of flies so I generally want a dozen of each fly that I carry, so I will have 12 size 22 olive caddis, 12 in size 20 and 12 more in size 18. Not exactly 12 but generally at least that many.

    I do have a couple boxes that are in my backpacking supplies that are a little more generic and mixed up. They are seperate so that I will only bring them to keep my pack weight to a minimum.
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