It is quite an advantage to fish with another person or two, at least as far as figuring out the bite is concerned. With two people send the first with a hatch matcher (even if it is not the right time of the day yet), maybe even with an emerger trailer. Second guy should go with a nymph or a current hatcher. If you have a third, pound all of holes last with a streamer. I have used this method multiple times. Sometimes its a tie, and other time we all end up fishing emergers after 20 minutes.

I enjoy having a good bit of water to wade that holds alot of trout. In that case, I throw a dry about 8-10 good times and then move to the next stump, log, eddy etc. This is a luxury, sometimes you only have 3 holes to fish and you just have to figure it out and/or wait it out. I have caught fish that I spooked with the wrong fly or errant cast after about a 15 minute rest and a new approach.