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    Quote Originally Posted by dennyk View Post
    Sometimes you may be be in a position where a tree or just letting it fly may not be an option be it in a park or other public place where the facilities are a quarter mile away. Use the Depends and you won't need to worry about it. Following my prostate removal surgery the Depends were my best piece of fishing equipment.

    Yes, you could put yourself in that position. I choose to not do that. When I think about going to a spot. Whether it's fishing or hunting. My first thought is...where will I pee? If I don't have an answer. I don't go there.

    I refuse to wear a diaper. Sorry, it's just what I won't do. No bias to what you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffler razz View Post
    This post and thread reminds me of the why I Hate Waders thread and my cousin Mark!
    Why I Hate Waders

    As for me, the only time I wade wet is when I leave the waders behind.
    Thanks for sharing. That story was hilarious and worth a click.

    And sorry for the jokes guys but it's what I do. I wasn't going to miss a chance to suggest I peed Ard's truck lol. Hope nobody thinks I don't understand your struggle is real. I'm 57 and I've been to the urologist a time or two. I know what is likely coming my way some year soon. My wading is often preceded by a couple coffees or beer. I may have to rethink that some day.

    Carry on please. A pretty good thread actually.

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    if you're using zipper front waders, make sure the zipper is all the way down before you start aiming and make sure "everything" is out of the way before you zip back up!. the teeth on those zippers are very abrasive. don't ask me how I know!
    "There's only one thing wrong with a fishing day--its staggering brevity. Zane Grey

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    I treated myself to some zip front waders....they sure are a treat.

    Our guide on our recent tarpon trip had me laughing out loud. He was able to stand on the stern platform and do his about youth being catlike.
    "nice being young!".....said the old man

    When nature called, it was all I could do to hold on and get started. "rough being old", said the guide.

    Fortunately, #2 was never an issue. What is the answer to that problem?

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    1. Drink less coffee on the drive, or don’t drink any on the morning you go fishing. Coffee is a diaretic and definitely makes you pee.

    2. Take a few salt tablets. If I do that I won’t pee for 3-4 hours. Salt keeps the water in, potassium makes it go out. If the salt makes you thirsty, its okay to drink water, the flow will just pick back up a few hours later.

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    Once I got zip front waders, I never go back.

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    Buy waist high waders! I went to waist highs about 8 years ago and will never go back. A lot cooler, easier to pee, easier to get on and off....and most importantly, keeps me in the depth of water I should be in in the first place! With chest high waders I use to get a little deeper that I should have. With waist high waters I have learned to find my spots, fish what I can fish and never get in water too deep. Since going to waist highs I have become a better caster and read water better. You can't just wade out waist deep to make a shorter easier cast. And did I mention, a lot cooler than chest highs!!!

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