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    Ten years is a good run!-

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    Quote Originally Posted by osseous View Post
    Ten years is a good run!-

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    Well over ten years, it probably got used about 12hours, maybe 15...

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    Have you tried just turning the line around? The twist might take take care of itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pati View Post
    Hi All,
    Several questions:
    • Is there any miracle trick to get rid of the twist in the line
    • Is it a common issue with this brand/model
    • How did this twist "build up" in the line in the first place?
    • I am borderline cutting the line in two, get rid of the twisted foot and "join" the line in the middle with braid

    The line is otherwise in pristine condition and really satisfying to fish with, so I'm quite gutted at the moment...


    1. Dunno. I like the hot water & cool set trick idea alluded to by cb3fish in the discussion above. Don't much like the visual he offers, but the idea seems sound and simple enough to try on the next washing.

    2. Hard to say.

    3. It probably didn’t “build-up” more like someone “F’d up” (flubbed-up, of course) when putting the line on the reel without realizing they buried a twist/loop/anomaly under many coils of tight line. Could’ve even happened before you bought it, load a twist on a factory spool and it’s seems plausible that it’ll take a certain permanence in the finished product.

    4. Cut if you wish, but I’d mess with the (no too) hot water and then let it cool and set in what you think would be the desired form.

    Given the age and the fact that you don’t fish this line frequently, if anything works to mend it proper it’ll probably take a few attempts with incremental results. Be patient and gentle.

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    Make shorter casts.

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    If the OP is pretty certain that the issue is caused by line twist, then how about the next time out fishing or casting on grass to try this: Make a cast and see if the problem still exists. If the twisted section is still there, pull out a bit more line to get some of the twisted section just outside the rod tip and then rotate the rod on it's axis several times in the counterclockwise direction. What you are trying to do is the remove the twists at that spot. If the next cast is better, you can rotate the rod a little more in the same direction. If it gets worst, try rotating in the opposite direction. Keep in mind that the original problem might not be due to line twist at all.

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    Default Re: Problem with line

    If I were still dry fly fishing and my line had this issue I'd bin it. I'm sentimental about old tackle too and I saw you said you've had it ten years but...….. Honestly I wouldn't mess with it.

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    That's funny. I remember maybe 12-15 years ago I went to Florida with with two "BRAND NEW" tan tarpon lines from Rio those lines would not stay straight, no matter how much we stretched them, soon as you made a cast they coiled right back up and remember it's 90 degrees in Florida, after missing lots of tarpon for the first 2-3 days I took my knife and cut them in pieces.

    I understand this line problem this other fellow has isn't coiling it's a set in the line and sounds like it needs to me cut out, or throw it away. CB

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