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Thread: Best purchase

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    What do you think is your best purchase/acquisition (after your license)? For me, I think it is my Omnitrax Vibram "Indrogrip" studded sole for my Korkers. Seem to keep me right side up.

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    Hands down my best flyfishing purchase ever was a pair of custom fit G3's. I love those things. Wouldn't part with them

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    My Abel nippers . lol
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    Two products that I use a lot and wouldn’t change a thing about even if I could are my Simms Intruder wet wading boots, and my Scott Meridian 6wt......both are perfect IMHO.


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    My Orvis Guide series Gortex wading jacket is up there. Right along side is my Korker Rocktrax cleats. Don't leave home without either one.

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    Simms G3 waders and G3 boots, it’s like wearing nothing at all.

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    This is a question that is hard to answer because it may not be the right question for someone who really enjoys fly fishing. Fly fishing involves a multiplicity of equipment items that are interdependent for someone to fly fish effectively and enjoyably. If I have Abel nippers but no fly rod the nippers will mainly serve as fingernail clippers. In my view, my best purchases are those that enable me to enjoy fly fishing at this time in my life based on what I can reasonably afford, such as fly rods, reels, fly lines, flies, nippers, waders, wading jackets, and so forth. As long as these pieces of equipment do their job and enable me to fish effectively I am happy. I try to avoid purchasing things that are ends in themselves, but are means to my fly fishing ends. Do we have favorite pieces of equipment? Yes, but we often only figure this out after using the equipment fly fishing and then comparing it to other equivalent items, such as fly rods. So, in hindsight I can say that I have a few favorite rods, reels, and other equipment that in hindsight I now believe were best purchases. But, I did not initially purchase them knowing they would be my best purchases in advance. Sorry for the ramble but as one gets older this happens more often. Best. SR

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    My Scott 9' 5wt Radian

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    Yeti cooler for my beer. It keeps them oh so frosty.

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