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    Here is one for ya, scared the hell out of me. We use to have a duck club, and in the club were a couple of older guys, on the lease we had there was an old sunkin goose pit that no knew about, one of the older guys steped off into it with chest waders on, went in over his head, the only other person there was the other older man, now I am not picking on older folks, but I know that by the time your pushing 65 most folks aint as strong as they use to be, hell I am pushing 40 and not as strong as I was when I was 18, anyway, they played hell getting him out of the goose pit, they said back at the lodge that they both about drowned. What scared me about it, it was like 2 foot from the path that I walked mnay times woth no one else around.
    I thought if I had steped off in it by my self and neopren chest waders on, teh big hunting kind, a shoulder bag with 50 lbs of shells and other **** that gear junkies JUST have to have, and everything else I use to pack, I would have been toast with out someone there to help me, maybe.

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    Did the one legged tip toe bounce many times in the past. Never any more than a little water over the top. The old rubber wadders back then already had you wet anyway. It sure was easy to get behind the power curve with the depth and current. Don't know what I'll do now. I guess fight the temptation to get "just over there".

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    Funny you should ask! .....This past October I was fishing the Little J, in central Pa, with a friend. It was a section I had never fished before. He headed upstream and I down. After about two hours, I headed up towards him. I was walking the edge but came to an inlet that was about 30 feet across. It had a gradual slope that looked like it might go 3 feet deep in the center; the bottom was full of dead leaves.

    Well, about the time I stepped into those leaves I suddenly realized this was about a 10 or 15 foot hole filled with leaves...but I realized way too late. As I began to sink, I thought "Oh ----; hopefully they'll find my hat floating here!" I sank completely under, never touching bottom, while my hat floated somewhere, up there, on the surface. The best I could do in chestwaders and wading boots with a flyrod in hand, was an anemic breast stroke under water. About 5 strokes brought me to a point where I could regain my footing, and wade the rest of the way out. I collected my hat and stayed on dry ground the rest of the way; briars and banks be damned.

    Thankfully, my waist belt kept my waders from filling up with water. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have completed my previous fly swap obligation!

    I finally reached my friend; he took one look at me and said, "What the hell happened to you"! I told him, "Well, I'm still alive so let's just go home!" And we did, and yes the fishing was pretty good.

    At least I can laugh about it now! But whew! Chalk up another, near fatal, learning experience!

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    If I wasn't so computer challenged I post up a pic my wife took last Thanksgiving weekend of me peeling off clothes at the car after over topping my hippers up to my man boobs.
    I was on the N. Fork Yuba in N. Ca.. Got to the other side no problem but when returning I started back across a bit further upstream at a point that was closer to the run out on a riffle I was working. I soon realized that even though the water was Gin clear and bottom appeared to be an even depth, it was about a foot deeper and in about a step and a half I went from Oh Oh to Oh S###.
    Glad I only had a short walk back to the car. Made my wife's day once she realized what I'd done.

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    A long, long time ago I was checking traps on a big, deep lake. Our sets were in a shallow inlet on the far side. We decided to walk across on the ice as this saved 30-40 min of walking. Everything went fine on the way in. On the way out we both fell through the ice. Luckily I caught myself on the edges of the hole. The ice kept breaking, and I was in for about........ever. We emptied our hip boots and started the long walk............around the edge to the car. The goose down coat I had on soaked up quite a bit of water, too. I thought I'd never get warm again.
    So far I haven't fallen in while wading but................

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