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    Default Re: Gear Bag Recommendation

    Quote Originally Posted by brook rookie View Post
    I have been using my Patagonia duffels for going on 25 years now. I have the large and the small. Both look new from the outside, but like all the PU coated stuff, the waterproofing on the inside is peeling. I don't care. They work great and wear like iron.

    I am on board with the Patagonia/Patagucci. I gripe every time I buy something from them, bags, vests, shirts, rain gear because of the price. And yet....twenty years later they are still good to go. You do get what you pay for.Mine is a black water proof duffle with a mesh compartment for waders or rain gear out side of the main bag. I think it was called the black hole. Anyway,I paid $150 for it when Clinton was president,and it has been from Alaska to Key West to South Texas deer camps and suffered every imaginable indignity and is still the first bag I grab for a trip. No wheels, but suck in that gut, throw it over your shoulder and know your gear will stay dry. No BS, that bag is old enough to run for Congress and it is still my go to. If wheels are an issue look at timberland. I found a nice one sized for the over head bin at Ross for $85. Not geared for the out doors, but very practical and good looking.

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    Default Re: Gear Bag Recommendation

    I think the gist of the thread thus far is that like packs (sling, waist, chest, vest), no one version covers the gamut, there is no perfect travel/carry solution. What works for local throw it in the truck at a moments notice and go, is not the same gear for long distance -multi day, fishing trips involving air travel.

    I have not been a global angler thus far in my life, though I still hope for a trip or two after retiring and before they plant me in the ground. I do however, have a fair amount of business air travel under my belt (around 1M miles), as well as, pretty extensive cross country vehicle travel for field trials and hunting competitions, and traveled year 'round while guiding hunting and fishing back in the day. IE: 30+ years of packing gear from horseback to airplanes and most everything in between.

    What I have learned in summary, is that a solid "go bag" works for 90% of what most folks will do hunting or angling. Unless someone is fortunate enough to go from one global angling destination to the next non-stop year round, the majority of their angling will be more locally oriented and reached by vehicle...and the other one or two trips a year to further destinations will be by air travel.

    Maybe I'm all wet, but unless I am greatly underestimating the "average" might consider a solid grab and go setup for 90% of their excursions and a "air travel appropriate" set-up for the far less frequent trips, where gear can be transferred from the "local" bag(s).

    My "local" grab and go consists of 3 bags always at the ready, One is a smaller rigging bag and holds the usual extra, rig at the truck, leader material, tippet, bigger fly boxes, spare pliers, hemostats, nippers, extra floatant, dry shake, etc. The second is a case that holds 6-8 rods, reels, spare spools, etc. The third is my wader bag that holds boots X 2, waders X 2, my vest, sling pack, waist pack, rain gear, gloves, cold weather layering, wading jacket, change of clothes, zip off pants, sunscreen, camera, first aid kit, etc. If it's a longer trip there is a fourth bag (25 year old Abel 15 day bag)that holds my clothing and misc. for a longer run. My truck already contains a cooler, sleeping bag, camp stove, and a chuck box, extra water, etc.

    My hunting bag set-up is similar. If I was to be traveling by air, I would have a large multi compartment roller bag that I would transfer all of the needed above 1st, 3rd, and 4th bag items to and check, while the rod and reel case and a small personal overnight bag with essentials would board the plane with me.

    I, however, am perhaps an oddity, in that almost any trip that is reasonably drive-able, I would prefer to travel by vehicle, on my own schedule and timing with my own stuff with me. I guess I've just had too much time in airplane seats to be very excited about traveling that way....even intriguing destinations become less desirable to me if the only way to reach them is by air. Not that I would turn my nose up at New Zealand for a trout trip.

    Point being, bag recommendations are great, good feedback on durability, great ideas for storage, etc. But I think gear bags need to be tailored to ones own unique needs and be serviceable for whatever they need to encompass for that persons specific intended destinations and most frequent usages. Sadly, I don't need a multi compartment roller bag yet.

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